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Tata Capital > Blog > Loan for Vehicle > Different Types of Bikes in India

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Different Types of Bikes in India

Different Types of Bikes in India

With the introduction of new bike variants, the Indian two-wheeler market has expanded immensely in the past few years. Two-wheelers offer affordability, convenience, and high mileage, making them the vehicle of choice for most Indians. If you plan to buy your next bike soon, take a look at the different types of bikes available in the Indian market.

Street bikes

This is the most popular segment in the Indian market as these bikes are economical. They are also called ‘naked’ motorcycles since they don’t have a windscreen or fairing. Street bikes are great for beginners since they have minimal bodywork, which means there will be minor damage in case of small mishaps. Models such as the Bajaj CT100 are popular street bikes that have a huge demand.

Cruiser bikes

Designed for cruising off into the sunset on smooth roads, cruiser bikes consist of relaxed engines that put out a lot of torque. Hence, these bikes are not built for any rough terrains and are ideal for road trips and even for Indian traffic. You can find a range of Harley Davidson bikes in this segment. If you are short on funds for a cruiser bike, consider borrowing a two-wheeler loan to finance your desired model.

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Dirt bikes

Due to their high price tags and niche customer base, dirt bikes are still a tiny segment in the Indian market. They are known as recreational bikes designed for a day out in the dirt and travelling through rough surfaces like gravel, mud, and sand. Since they haven’t completely taken off in the Indian market, only a few models like the Kawasaki KLX110 and Kawasaki KLX450R are available.

Sport bikes

If you love speed and some adrenaline rush, then you must have heard of sport bikes. These are the fastest motorbikes that are designed for the racetrack. They have a high-performance engine but lack fuel efficiency. Since sport bikes are expensive, you can avail of a bike loan to afford one.

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Adventure bikes

If you love exploring and going off on tours, then an adventure bike is perfect for you. Also referred to as ‘adventure tourers’, these bikes have a relatively high seat and riding on them takes some practice. Hence, these bikes are not ideal for beginners and are focused on off-road touring. It takes a lot of skill to ride these motorbikes and provide long-travel suspension.

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