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Tata Capital > Blog > Loan for Vehicle > 7 Most Important Tips For First-Time Used Mercedes-Benz Buyers

Loan for Vehicle

7 Most Important Tips For First-Time Used Mercedes-Benz Buyers

7 Most Important Tips For First-Time Used Mercedes-Benz Buyers

Mercedes Benz - A luxury

Mercedes Benz, popularly known as Mercedes or as Benz, is a German Luxury and commercial vehicle automotive brand. It was established in 1926. A Mercedes Benz Group’s subsidiary Mercedes-Benz AG was established in 2019. Its headquarters are situated in Stuttgart, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany.

Mercedes-Benz India’s production facility is spread across 100 acres in Chakan near Pune. Benz India is a part of Mercedes-Benz’s Global Production Network. The facility has an investment of INR 2600 crores and has the largest production capacity installed for any luxury car maker in India. As of 2021, Mercedes-Benz led the Indian luxury car market for the seventh year.

Own the beauty!

Mercedes-Benz is not just a brand. It's a mark of luxury, quality and reliability. Customers take great pride in owning the brand’s car. The cars provide an impeccable refined driving experience with impressive technology and performance features.

The fascinating world of this brand has a wide range of models: 9 Sedans, 11 SUVs, 1 MUV, 1 Hatchback, 5 Coupes and 1 Luxury.

As of November 2022, in India, the price range is Rs 42.00 Lakh to Rs 2.71 Cr. The top 3 models of Benz-Mercedes-Benz GLA, Mercedes-Benz C-Class, and Mercedes-Benz E-Class have a price range of Rs. 44.90 - Rs. 48.90 Lakh, Rs. 55.00 - Rs. 61.00 Lakh and Rs. 67.00 - Rs. 85.00 Lakh respectively.

Are you thinking of Used cars?

Buying used cars in the market has come a long way; second-hand cars also command a lot of pride! And if it's a Mercedes, the brand speaks for itself. Buying second-hand Mercedes has a lot of advantages, to mention some:

Affordable price: A used car costs less than the actual price of a brand-new vehicle. Over time, there is more value for the customer’s money if they find a good second-hand car.

Low Car Insurance Premium: Insuring an old car costs less than its new counterpart. The Insurance premium is lower as the market value of the old car is less than a brand-new car.

Low Depreciation rate: If the customer maintains the bought used car well, then they can get a good value for their money. The previous car owner would have taken a depreciation hit; the second-hand car buyer may gain some profit.

Buying used Mercedes cars can prove to be beneficial. Second-hand Mercedes can be bought at a price lower than its new counterpart, which is economical. Benz’s Motto- “The best or nothing”, stands for pre-owned  Mercedes cars.

Here are some essential tips:

Benefits: Second-hand Mercedes undoubtedly outweigh other cars in terms of luxury. They are the most trusted brand with a high-quality engineering team. Their logo symbolizes state-of-the-art technology, providing superior comfort features and top-class safety. Customers are still an advantage as owning pre-owned Mercedes cars costs less than a brand-new car.

Ratings and reviews: The added advantage of buying used Mercedes cars is that customers can do thorough research about the vehicle's features, go through the ratings of each model, and get user feedback which will give them the clarity of buying a second-hand Mercedes.

History: Customers must ensure they are well aware of the details of the pre-owned Mercedes cars. Information like previous users, accidents, and distance traveled and also checked if the maintenance schedule was rightly followed. Knowing the details of the second-hand Mercedes makes it easier for the customer to make decisions.

Proper Documentation: Proper documentation must be maintained. The customers must ensure that the previous owner has all the correct and legal documents for the car. Second-hand Mercedes users must discuss the documents related to loans, pollution, road tax, insurance, etc. These documents must be presented when applying for a car loan.

Finance: When buying used Mercedes cars, customers may consider financing options. They must do thorough research on such service providers. It is always advisable to apply for a car finance request as the customer may gain profits and will be able to buy the car of their dreams with only a few steps.

Pre-Purchase Inspection: Customers must ensure that they inspect the vehicle before they purchase the luxury. They must properly check the pre-owned Mercedes cars' technical aspects, interiors and exteriors. Self-checking is advisable as buying a second-hand Mercedes can be a one-time deal, and the customers must get the best of it. Inspecting all the aspects leads to a better deal and satisfaction. 

Trusted Dealership: It is always recommended to buy used Mercedes Cars from a trusted dealership with experience in the field. There might be chances of fraud when buying luxury cars like pre-owned Mercedes cars. Trusted dealerships ensure that customers get the best and most accurate car deals. 

Six reasons to choose Tata Capital for a used car loan:

Minimum Paperwork: there is no lengthy paperwork to get used car finance. For the convenience of customers, applications are available online.

Flexible Payment: their flexible loans allow customers to select a repayment plan at their convenience. Customers can choose from options like ECS, post-dated cheques, and online payments to repay their loans.

Competitive Interest rates: they believe in delivering the best to the customers. Therefore, their interest rates are the best in the industry.

Higher loan eligibility: With Tata Capital, customers can avail of second-hand car finance for as high as Rs. 50 Lakhs.

Minimum documents: Tata Capital only asks for what is required while processing the customer’s pre-owned car finance request.

Instant Online Approval: Customers receive instant approval for their used car finance request through a secure platform after successfully verifying the information.

The process of getting a used car loan is simple.

  1. Filling out the application form: forms are available online and offline.
  2. Minimal documentation: Customers must submit legal and correct documents for the used car loan approval.
  3. Verification: tata capital will check the documents and eligibility of the applicant.
  4. Loan sanctioning and disbursal: After successful verification, the loan is sanctioned, and the amount is disbursed directly into the customer's bank account within 24 to 36 hours from the document submission.

For more information related to eligibility criteria & documents require for Used Car Loan visit Tata Capital Now!


All set to Buy the second-hand Mercedes but confused about choosing a vehicle loan provider? Tata capital Vehicle loan has got its customers covered. Opting for a Used car loan is a smart, value-for-money purchase. Tata Capital offers used car loans up to  Rs. 50 Lakhs for a wide collection of cars ranging from hatchbacks & SUVs to premium sedans.

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