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Tata Capital > Blog > Loan for Travel > Why Skydiving in Spain is the Best

Loan for Travel

Why Skydiving in Spain is the Best

Why Skydiving in Spain is the Best

Spain is a Mediterranean wonderland with beautiful olive groves, open, golden meadows, glistening seas and cities that look like works of art. Couple that with the friendly people and the absolutely scrumptious food, and Spain should now be a destination on your bucket list. You can always walk the typical tourist trail, but you could also go off the beaten path and indulge in some adventure sports in Spain. And nothing can be more adventurous than skydiving. For even a few minutes, skydiving gives you not only an adrenaline rush but also a sense of peace and freedom.

Skydiving in Spain just heightens the experience. Getting a bird’s eye view of the magnificent Spanish countryside, the winding roads and rivers, cities and towns dotting the distance, while practically flying through clean, unpolluted air, is sure to be a divine adventure. Furthermore, Spain has affixed itself firmly to the global skydiving map, so whether you are a beginner or an expert, do try out skydiving here. There are many places in Spain that give you a quality skydiving experience.


Seville offers one of the best skydiving experiences in Europe. If you are an expert, you may skydive on your own, or you can learn skydiving with their beginner’s skydiving courses, known as the Accelerated Freefall Course. Novice skydivers can also opt for tandem skydiving, wherein you are strapped to the instructor, who will make sure you make it safely to the ground. The plane from which you’ll be diving from will drop you off from 15,000 ft above ground level, thus giving you the longest skydiving experience in Europe. All-in-all, you can be sure that this experience will change your life.


This beautiful city, home of the world-famous Sagrada Familia and also FC Barcelona, is also a hotspot for skydiving. There are three main operators here that give the best services: Empuribrava (which operates out of Empuribrava aerodrome), SkydiveBCN (which operates out of Sant Fruitos de Bages Aerodrome) and EmocionDay (which also operates out of Sant Fruitos de Bages). All of them offer tandem jumps for novices, and they all drop you at 13000 ft. The entire experience would be about 15 minutes long. Participants must be older than 12 and must weigh between 35 to 95 kg.


The quaint Spanish capital also offers an amazing skydiving experience. The best operator for that is Adrenaline Hunter, which offers tandem jumps and drops you off at 4000 m. However, if you would like to experience skydiving with a twist, you can also try indoor skydiving with Windobona or Hurricane Factory. You basically float with a parachute in a long wind tunnel for a few minutes. It is not exactly the experience that open skydiving can give, but it’s quite unique all the same. Everyone over the age of five can do it.

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