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Tata Capital > Blog > Loan for Travel > Travelling in the New Normal – Detailed Guide about Post Lockdown Travel

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Travelling in the New Normal – Detailed Guide about Post Lockdown Travel

Travelling in the New Normal – Detailed Guide about Post Lockdown Travel

Let’s face it! The official lockdown of a couple of months felt more like a year. And, in all this time, many of us have missed travelling more than anything else. Several people realised that binge-watching shows and baking bread are only fun for so long. We all wished we could pack our bags and go on a vacation.

Finally, some good news on that front is here. The government is now easing up restrictions and gradually lifting the lockdown, which means people can go travelling again. However, travelling post lockdown will be a completely different experience as opposed to touring before the pandemic. We will have to wear masks, and maintain a safe distance from other people, get our temperature checked at airports and train stations, and even get tested if necessary.

Even if the pandemic has set you back financially, you can treat yourself to a vacation with a travelling loan. Many lenders offer attractive travel loan interest rates to cover all trip-related expenses.

You can check with your lenders, to ascertain what costs they will cover. You can even use an online travel loan calculator to accurately plan your EMIs.

Are you planning a trip anytime soon? If so, this article will tell you everything you need to know to stay safe. Read more to find out how and where to travel after the lockdown.

Travel essentials post-lockdown

Before you get any post lockdown travel ideas, install the Arogya Setu app on your phone. You should carefully go through the quarantine policies and other entry requirements specific to your travel destination. Essential items that you must pack include:

Masks and gloves

Any list of travel essentials post lockdown has to start with masks. Carry at least a couple of masks, or preferably a whole pack, to be on the safer side. You should also get a few pairs of gloves. That way, you won’t have to make direct contact with elevator buttons, door handles, etc. If you desire additional protection, you could use a face shield or an entire PPE kit.

Disinfectant wipes

If you plan to use public transport while travelling post lockdown, you must carry disinfectant wipes with you. Before sitting, wipe down your seat, armrests, or any surface around you that could have infectious droplets on it. Be careful not to use the same wipe on your hands or face. Also, wipe your mobile phone, handbag/wallet, watch, shades/glasses, etc., from time to time.

Hand sanitizer

Carry a hand sanitizer on your person at all times. If you don’t have disinfectant wipes, you should use hand sanitizer immediately after touching objects like elevator buttons, doorknobs, etc. When transacting in cash, sanitize your hands immediately after putting the change away.

Power banks

Avoid making payments in cash and using the ATM. Instead, use mobile/internet banking, UPI and digital wallets. In doing so, you will be eating up your phone battery a lot more, which is why carry a power bank to make sure your phone doesn’t die while you are out and about.

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Tips to ensure travel safety post lockdown

  • Choose your destination carefully. Go somewhere where the number of cases is low, and the recovery rate is high.
  • Some places may require visitors to quarantine for 7-14 days, even if they are asymptomatic. Make sure you understand the safety guidelines and quarantine policies specific to your travel destination.
  • Plan everything - where you will stay, what sites you will visit, and how you will commute, etc.
  • Whenever you are in public, wear a mask. It should cover your nose, mouth, and chin.
  • Use disinfectant wipes to clean your seat, and other surfaces around you when using public transport.
  • If you must use cash, sanitize your hands immediately after putting away the change.
  • Carry reusable or disposable cutlery in a zip-lock bag. Use it whenever you go to restaurants, cafés, or anywhere you go to eat.   

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Tips for air travel post lockdown

  • Report to the airport 2 to 4 hours before departure. That will give you enough time to go through temperature screening, self-declaration, and other procedures.
  • Web check-in is mandatory.
  • Pregnant women, senior citizens, children below the age of fourteen, and passengers with ailments are advised not to travel until necessary.
  • Keep your mask on at all times and maintain social distancing at the airport.
  • To ensure safe air travel post lockdown, airlines require you to scan your e-boarding pass yourself.
  • You can carry up to 350 ml of hand sanitizer in your cabin luggage.

Airlines are also taking several measures to ensure a safe journey for passengers during this time. And that may cause a spike in airfares, but you can take a travelling loan to cover this added cost and all your other travel-related expenses. Also, you can use an online travel loan EMI calculator to plan your repayment schedule.

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Tips for choosing the right hotel

  • Whichever hotels you are considering, visit their websites to see how they are responding to COVID-19.
  • Check whether they are following government guidelines and safety regulations.
  • Check whether they have a glass shield installed at the reception desk.
  • See that they require their staff to wear gloves, hairnets, and masks.
  • Check whether they allow guests to check-in online and use their smartphone as a room key.

Hotels have also been taking extensive measures to ensure a safe stay for guests during this time. To compensate for these added costs, many hotels have increased their prices. But you can still afford a room in your favourite hotel by taking a holiday loan. Go the lender’s website to check your travel loan eligibility, and use their holiday loan calculator to select a repayment plan that works for you.

Plan a weekend getaway, a road trip, or a homestay

With the outbreak of the Coronavirus, it has been observed that travellers prefer weekend getaways over extended trips and long vacations. Also, people’s likeness towards road trips and homestays has increased substantially. Homestays are considered safer as opposed to hotels, which are crowded more often than not. Road trips are another great way to ensure travel safety post lockdown.

There is no housekeeping, no room service, and no direct contact whatsoever during homestays. Moreover, people are gravitating towards remote destinations to escape a swarm of tourists, which is otherwise a possibility at popular destinations. Also, homestays and road trips in most cases will cost less than a hotel. That will matter especially to people who have taken a travel loan to finance their holiday.

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International travel for business

The Coronavirus crippled economies and industries all over the world. Companies were pressed to downsize, and many people were laid-off. As such, businesses could stay afloat only by cutting costs, wherever possible. Employees were told to work remotely from their homes. Meetings and conferences were also held online over platforms like Zoom, Skype, and Google Meets.

Management now has an entirely different approach as to what warrants an international trip, and what doesn’t. International flights to certain countries are still banned, and stringent budgetary restrictions have also made businesses reluctant to send employees on international business trips.

Also, many nations have strict quarantine policies. The business that could otherwise be taken care of in a day or two might be delayed if employees have to quarantine themselves for 7-14 days. Paying for their lodging and food for such an extended period would qualify as wasteful expenditure. Therefore, business with international clients is being conducted online for the most part.

Places in India that are safe to visit after lockdown

If you are planning to travel after lockdown, India has a wide variety of experiences to offer. From snow-covered mountains to expansive deserts, and lush green forests. Some of these places are welcoming visitors again while observing strict safety measures and adhering to the necessary guidelines.

Chail Hills, Himachal Pradesh

If your post lockdown travel ideas include camping and hiking, Chail Hills is the right place for you. Wherever you go in these dense forests, you will be surrounded by lush greenery and breath-taking views. Tourist attractions include:

  • Chail Wildlife Sanctuary
  • The Chail Palace
  • The Chail cricket ground of Solan, which is the world’s highest cricket ground.

Before you visit, you must register yourself on the official state website. You must produce a negative Covid-19 test report from an ICMR approved lab and book a hotel at least five days in advance.

Bori-Satpura Tiger Reserve, Madhya Pradesh

Despite being the oldest forest reserve in the country, the Bori-Satpura Wildlife Sanctuary is relatively unexplored and doesn’t see as much footfall as its counterparts. For that reason, the wilderness here is untouched, and wildlife flourishes. There are almost fifty different mammals and thirty species of reptiles here. It is home to tigers, leopards, sloth bears, wild dogs, giant squirrels, and a variety of other Central Indian species of animals and birds.

Domestic visitors are required to quarantine, only if they are symptomatic.

Isolated Beaches

If you are unsure about where to travel after lockdown, India has several isolated beaches that might interest you. These beaches are usually lesser known and far away from the hustle and bustle of the city. You can have a quiet, serene, and socially distanced seaside experience on any of the beaches listed below.

  • Butterfly Beach, Goa
  • Gahirmatha Beach, Odisha
  • Guitar Island, Andaman
  • Marari Beach, Kerala
  • Ranpar Beach, Maharashtra
  • Tilmati Beach, Karnataka

All these destinations are ideal for travelling on a budget. But if you still need financial assistance, you could take a travelling loan. Use an online travel loan calculator to plan your repayment schedule.

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Guidelines to visit nations that are popular with tourists

Country Entry Requirements
Albania • Temperature checks at the airport.
Bahamas • Tourists are not required to quarantine if they have approved Bahamas Travel Health Visas, which include mandatory RT-PCR testing.
• They must take the test within five days of arrival.
Bermuda • Produce a negative Covid-19 test report
• Take another test upon arrival
• Adhere to health protocols issued by the local government
Brazil • A valid visa, if their country requires one.
• Travel insurance that covers Covid-19.
Ethiopia • Produce a negative PCR test report before boarding, and at customs upon arrival.
• The test should be taken within 120 hours from departure.
Jamaica • Authorisation before check-in
• Testing upon arrival
• Different requirements based on the country of origin.
Maldives • A negative RT-PCR test report.
• A complete health declaration card
• Thermal testing upon arrival.
North Macedonia • No mandatory PCR tests or quarantine.
Turkey • No mandatory PCR tests or quarantines.
UAE (Dubai) • A negative PCR test, taken within 96 hours from boarding.
• Travel health insurance.
• An app to monitor their health conditions.

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But what if you don’t have sufficient funds to cover your travel expenses? If you can’t arrange for a lump sum of money immediately, an EMI based personal loan for travel can be the right way to pay for a holiday. However, before availing tourism finance, it is ideal to use an online holiday loan calculator or personal loan calculator to ensure repayment affordability.

Are you looking for a credible lending institution to help you finance your trip? Turn to Tata Capital! We provide trip loans with no collateral, minimal paperwork, easy repayment options, and attractive travel loan interest rates. Our loans cover all travel-related expenses, including:

  • Airfares or any other transportation expenses
  • Hotel fares
  • Tour packages
  • Travel gear/accessories

Visit our website for more information, and to use our online holiday loan EMI calculator today.

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