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Tata Capital > Blog > Loan for Travel > Travellers Bucket List of Things to do in Asia Before Turning 50

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Travellers Bucket List of Things to do in Asia Before Turning 50

Travellers Bucket List of Things to do in Asia Before Turning 50

Asia is a land of different cultures, fascinating people and beautiful landscapes. Whether its adventure, leisure or nature, Asia offers experiences that will check things off your travel bucket list quicker than you’d even realize. Many holiday portals offer irresistible tour packages to Asia. Here’s a list of some of the best places to visit in Asia and the things you’d want to enjoy there before you turn 50. 

Surf on sand dunes in Mui Ne, Vietnam

Mui Ne is a tiny beach town in Vietnam and is one of the top places to sandboard in the world. Surfing and snowboarding are fun, but surfing on sand? That’s a whole different experience! The sand dunes in Mui Ne range from white to red and offer constant entertainment with shapes changing every hour owing to the ideal wind conditions. 

Enjoy the sunrise from a hot air balloon in Bagan, Myanmar 

There’s something magical about watching the sunrise, right? Imagine enjoying that magical experience from a hot air balloon. Now add the panoramic view of 2000+ ancient temples with stunning architecture to the mix. What you get is an once-in-a-lifetime experience waiting for you in Bagan, Myanmar. 

Explore the Great Wall of China in style

Due to its popularity, the Great Wall of China is always dotted with tourists. If you’re an adventurer who doesn’t like the crowds, head over to the unrestored, less explored sections of the Great Wall of China - Jiankou and Zhuangdaokou. The steep climbs in these remote areas will be challenging, but the breathtaking view will be rewarding. 

Enjoy the sight of the Komodo dragons in the Komodo National Park, Indonesia 

The Komodo dragons have been around for 20 million years and Indonesia is the only place where you can find them. They are a peculiar and dangerous species of oversized lizards and are the closest thing to dragons you can experience. Visiting the Komodo National Park will give you the Jurassic Park vibes for sure. 

Have a fairy-tale-like picnic during the Sakura season in Japan

The Sakura season in Japan lasts for two weeks and is nature’s blessing at its best. The cherry blossom trees are at their full bloom and shed delicate, pink flowers that dance around in the light breeze. Get a cozy blanket, delicious food and enjoy a picnic-like never before!

Hope this Asia travel guide has got you excited. If you’re looking up for tour packages to Asia, then these travel tips for Asia will help you choose the best places to visit. To finance your travel adventures, you can apply for a personal loan with Tata Capital. These loans are hassle-free and are available at easy EMIs. So go ahead and book your holiday today!