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Tata Capital > Blog > Loan for Travel > Top Things to Consider before Traveling to Europe

Loan for Travel

Top Things to Consider before Traveling to Europe

Top Things to Consider before Traveling to Europe

A European vacation is a fun holiday for many. With all its cultural and historical sights, quaint cafes, and friendly people, Europe is sure to impress. While you research the best places to visit in Europe or look for effective travel tips to Europe, read this Europe travel guide for some help. It lists the top things to consider before you travel to Europe. So go on, book that tour package to Europe – you’ll come back with some wonderful memories for sure. 

1. Get your documentation right 

Apart from ensuring you have the right visa for your visit, it is imperative to check whether your passport is valid. Most European countries need at least a six-month validity on your passport from your date of travel. This means that even if you have a valid visa, you may be denied entry if your passport is expiring in less than six months. 

2. Invest in a forex card

Carrying cash to a foreign country is risky, and your credit card may charge you hefty fees for international transactions. So, what do you do? Carry a forex card along! These days, all banks have their own forex cards, where you can pre-load a fixed amount of the local currency which you can then spend while you travel. It comes enabled with a PIN, so chances of theft and cheating are limited. So, buy that forex card as soon as you book your tour package to Europe.

3. Avoid withdrawing money from ATMs

Check this with your bank before you go. Withdrawing cash from ATMs in European countries may mean that your bank charges you for each transaction. So keep some cash with you at all times as local markets may not accept cards. 

4. Get the right adapter or converter

Another important travel tip for Europe; European plug points are different from India’s, so make sure you’re carrying either a local adapter or a universal converter with you. The chances are that your phone may lose charge very soon after you land in a new country. So, getting the right adapter or converter is essential. 

5. Speak to locals in the local language 

Europe has lots of tiny countries, all of which have their own unique culture and languages. The best way to experience this is to make an effort to learn a few phrases or words of the local language. Simply a hello, thank you, or how are you, would suffice to make local friends. 

6. Get a local transport pass 

The last travel tip for Europe is to get a train or bus pass in the country you’re in. If you’re visiting more than one country, especially if they’re all part of the Schengen region, you may be able to buy a common consolidated pass for all public transport. Do some research before you go as it will save you a lot of money.

If the financial expenditure of going on a trip to Europe is holding you back from traveling, just apply for a hassle-free loan for travel with Tata Capital. Getting a travel loan is simple, easy and fast! These tips and tricks will help you plan an exciting and informed trip to Europe. Pack your bags and book your tour package with the best hotels in Europe today!

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