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Tata Capital > Blog > Loan for Travel > Top 5 Places for Extreme Sport in Switzerland

Loan for Travel

Top 5 Places for Extreme Sport in Switzerland

Top 5 Places for Extreme Sport in Switzerland

When we think of Switzerland, we think of luxurious resorts on the Swiss Alps, fine chocolates and expensive watches. This beautiful country is the dream romantic destination for countless couples, with its rolling hills, famous cobblestone paths and verdant meadows. However, there is a whole another side of Switzerland that is relatively less known. Not a lot of people know that Switzerland is a haven for lovers of adventure sports. From snowkiting to mountain biking, Switzerland has it all.

Let’s get better acquainted with the top 5 extreme sports you should definitely try out when you visit the Paradise of Europe.


Snowboarding met wind sailing and created one of the most exciting sports on earth: snowkiting! As you snowboard, the wind catches the sail that you hold on to and lifts you off the ground, giving you the perfect levitation experience as you glide down the mountain. It’s definitely a surreal experience and one that you should experience in your lifetime. The most popular spot for snowkiting is Simplon Pass, which is close to the town of Brig, where the Swiss Snowking School gives expert lessons on snowkiting. Other great spots are Grimsel Pass and Leukerbad.


The best way to get the most insane adrenaline rush is to throw yourself off an aircraft several thousand metres above the ground trusting a parachute to get you back on terra firma safely. Combine that with breathtaking views of Switzerland’s vista and you have got yourself a match made in heaven. Skydiving agencies in Switzerland also offer tandem skydiving for novices, and if you shell out some extra cash, you can get it immortalised on video as well. The best place to skydive in Switzerland is Interlaken lake


Mountains are the mainstay for most tourists in Switzerland. However, the twisting valleys, gorges and passes of Switzerland are equally gorgeous, yet a little underrated. Interlaken, again, is one of the best spots for canyoning in Switzerland. You can skip next to waterfalls, jump over cliffs, and wade into pools of pure, cold water. While it is good workout and a tremendous amount of focus is required to navigate down the steep trails, it also brings a sense of peace to be inside untouched nature. Other great spots for canyoning are Chli Schiele, Les Marecottes and La Salanfe.

Mountain Biking

Switzerland is filled with some of the best mountain biking trails in the world. This activity needs some prior experience and skill, but if you do possess these, then you will fall in love with what Switzerland has to offer. Watch miles upon miles of vineyards whizz past when you cycle in Trient or ride through a landscape full of glaciers, lakes, wildlife and rock gardens in Val de Bagnes. Other places you might want to visit are Saint-Luc, Crans Montana and Mont Blanc.

River Rafting

Experience a thrilling ride down the torrential mountain rivers of Switzerland by doing a spot of whitewater rafting. You can raft down the legendary River Rhine, or down the Sanne, Arve, Rhone and Simme rivers. Interlaken is also a well-known rafting spot.

Switzerland certainly is a frontrunner for the best adventure sports in Europe experience. Finance your epic travels with a travel loan from Tata Capital. Getting a personal loan has never been easier. A loan for travel from Tata Capital is quick, with minimal paperwork, no collateral and easy repayment, with an interest rate starting from 11.25%. Chase your adrenaline rush and apply for personal loan now.

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