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Tata Capital > Blog > Loan for Travel > Top 10 Useful Things to Pack for Your Cruise Trip

Loan for Travel

Top 10 Useful Things to Pack for Your Cruise Trip

Top 10 Useful Things to Pack for Your Cruise Trip

A cruise trip is definitely one of the best ways to take a break from your hectic routine and relax and unwind. Many companies are offering different kinds of cruise trips in various parts of the world. You can now choose this holiday option without any hesitation, given how easy it is to apply for personal loan for travel nowadays.

Here are ten things to pack when you’re getting ready for a cruise trip

1. All Relevant Documents

The most important thing you need to pack for your cruise trip is your set of documents, including passport, visa documents, booking confirmation and ID proof, as well as photocopies of the same. Take care of these throughout your trip to ensure that you can visit all the beautiful ports the ship will be stopping at.

2. Formal Attire

While you can lounge around all day on deck in your swimwear or shorts, you’ll be required to dress in smart casuals, and even formals on certain occasions, for evening programs and dinner. So pack a few pairs of formal clothes along with your holiday clothing.

3. Chargers

In this age of technology, we don’t usually travel without our phones, laptops, e-readers, cameras, etc. Make sure you carry chargers for all your devices as you don’t want to be stuck at sea with a drained-out battery!

4. A Good Quality Camera

While enjoying your cruise, you’re going to come across sights, both onboard and onshore that you’ll want to capture forever. You can either use your phone’s camera or carry a high-resolution digital camera to click what catches your eye.

5. Sunscreen

Given that you’re going to be spending most of your time out in the sun, pack a strong sunblock to keep your skin protected from the sun’s harsh UV rays. You should also pack a soothing gel such as aloe vera that can help your skin heal in case of sunburn.

6. The Right Shoes

Yes, you’ll be moving around in flip flops during most of your cruise trip, but you should pack some sneakers for those shore trips as well as dress shoes for formal evenings.

7. Something Warm

Evenings can get quite breezy and sometimes even chilly out on the water. A jacket or a light shawl should definitely make their way into your bag. That way, you have nothing stopping you from lying back and gazing at the stars.

8. Binoculars

A pair of binoculars can help you take in all the sights, like the people around you, ships passing by and of course, the gorgeous sea birds and other animal life you’re bound to encounter.

9. Wide-Brimmed Hat

This one is not just a perfect fashion accessory, but also a great way to protect your face and neck from the sun. Ideally, you should use one made from a lightweight material and in a light color.

10. Lightweight Waterproof Backpack

This is ideal for use on port days as you can carry around your essentials without the worry of them getting wet. Using this onboard the ship is also a great way to avoid frequent trips back to your cabin.

To make the most of your cruise experience, you should research the best cruise options available. A good cruise trip can be an experience for a lifetime and can also rejuvenate your senses. Rather than choosing a low-budget trip, take a travel loan or personal loan from Tata Capital, which makes the whole process of applying for a loan for travel hassle-free!

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