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Tata Capital > Blog > Loan for Travel > Top 10 Tips for a Wonderful Trip to Universal Studios Singapore

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Top 10 Tips for a Wonderful Trip to Universal Studios Singapore

Top 10 Tips for a Wonderful Trip to Universal Studios Singapore

Amid Singapore’s busy roads and high-rises lies the fantasyland of Universal Studios. One of the best places to visit in Singapore, Universal Studios promises a complete Hollywood experience, featuring everything from Marilyn Monroe to Battlestar Galactica. According to the best Singapore travel guides, a trip to Universal Studios should top your itinerary.

Tips for Visiting Universal Studios

Being one of the most favoured tourist attractions of Singapore, Universal Studios is always crowded. Follow these travel tips for Singapore’s Universal Studios.

1. Weekdays are Your Friends

Since most schools and offices are closed on weekends, long queues form at the Universal Studios. To avoid wasting time in queues, visit on a weekday. This will also allow you to enjoy all the rides peacefully.

2. Arrive Early

The gates of the Studios open at 10 am every day. If you reach early, you will get more time to explore different rides and the massive amusement area. You will also get the front spot on most rides.

3. Come Prepared

To avoid shopping for basics from expensive stores inside the Studios, pack a few essentials before you head there. A refillable water bottle, sunscreen and some cash will always come in handy. Some rides will drench you wet and the dryers cost extra. It is advisable to carry a poncho and an extra set of clothes.

4. The Universal Express Pass

The Universal Express Pass is like a VIP ticket to all but two rides inside the park. Buying this pass will warrant shorter queues and priority access to most rides.

5. Choose Rides in Advance

There are close to 28 different rides at Universal. Enjoying each one as you go can be tiring and time-consuming. Refer to the online map and choose your favourite rides before heading to the Studios.

6. Meet and Greet

Many of your favourite characters will be available for interaction throughout the day. Meet characters like Puss in Boots, Marilyn Monroe and the Penguins during the day if you cannot stay for the after-hours parade.

7. Be Punctual

Most shows in the Studios commence promptly. If you do not wish to miss your favourite shows and displays, reach the venue at least 10 minutes prior to a show.

8. Amenities

Universal offers amenities like nursing rooms with microwaves and water filters, praying rooms, wheelchairs and strollers available for rent. Apart from these, you can also use the free Wi-Fi available.

9. Pre-Booking

Book your tickets online and way in advance of visiting Universal Studios. This will not only save you the hassle of long queues but will also secure you great discounts.

10. Seasonal Attractions

Occasionally, Universal hosts special parades and introduces extraordinary rides. Sometimes, you will also find great discounts on tickets and dining. These are usually hosted on special events or after hours. Look for such attractions before booking your tickets.

Even with the most cost-efficient tour packages, Singapore is an expensive holiday destination. The total costs of shopping, dining, amusement at Universal and relaxing at spas in Singapore will wreak havoc on your savings. That’s where Tata Capital’s travel loans can come in to ease your worries. Apply for a personal loan for travel from Tata Capital to Singapore and secure interest rates beginning at 11.25% along with flexible repayment options.

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