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Tata Capital > Blog > Loan for Travel > Top 10 Bizarre Cuisines to Try When in Asia

Loan for Travel

Top 10 Bizarre Cuisines to Try When in Asia

Top 10 Bizarre Cuisines to Try When in Asia

When it comes to the best places to travel in Asia, it is imperative to plan well. No matter which destination your Asia travel guide suggests, do not forget to taste the weird Asian delicacies. From Korean BBQ to Teriyaki, Asia is rightly called a food lover’s paradise. However, Asia is also known to have some bizarre cuisine, which can challenge even the most passionate food lovers. If you’re brave enough and ready to taste it all, then here are the top 10 bizarre cuisines to try when in Asia.

1. Chicken Feet

Chicken feet is not only a popular Asian delicacy but is also quite famous in Peru and Mexico. Sure, it’s all chicken, but it’s all doused skin and fibrous ligaments. So are you eager to treat your taste buds to this one?

2. Balut

It is a Filipino delicacy that comprises inseminated egg that is simmered alive and relished in the shell. One of the best travel tips Asia is to try out Balut, a delicious food item which you can’t ignore.

3. Century Egg

If the above-mentioned Filipino delicacy is too fresh for your tastes, try this food from China. The eggs are derived from ducks or quails and are conserved in an alkaline solution for an extended period. Unarguably one of the best places to visit in Asia, China is the land of exotic cuisines. The century egg has a weird cream-jelly texture, which makes it one of the strangest foods.

4. The Habu Sake

Have you ever heard snakes being kept submerged in sake jars? Japanese winemakers keep snakes submerged in wine and let them sink! It makes the snake release venom in the liquor to create a unique drink, which increases the male potency.

5. Hachinoko

If you are an ardent fan of honey, then there are high chances that you will like this strange Asian food! The larvae of the bees are seasoned and cooked, but its crunchy taste may seem odd to you.

6. Beondegi

Beondegi usually means pupa in the Korean language. They are typically boiled or steamed and then conditioned by vendors. Avail a loan for travel to visit Korea and enjoy this weird food delicacy.

7. Crackers Embedded with Wasps

It is an innovative Japanese dish where wasp catchers boil them, dehydrate them and then throw them in the cracker dough all because of protein! Sounds weird, isn't it?

8. Soup Made from Eggs of White Ants

Eggs of white ants are a popular delicacy in Southeast Asia, and they are often used in soups. You can also find partial embryos and baby ants in this kind of soup.

9. Inago

If you want to add a relishing crunch to your bowl of rice, then the Inago is the appropriate food item for you. Inago comprises seasoned Japanese grasshoppers and crickets.

10. Basashi

Also referred to as raw horse meat, it is low in energy, cholesterol and fat. However, it is quite rich in protein, and this is why it is the most loved food item in Japan.

Good vacation with a travel loan is something which everyone deserves. So it should only make sense that you travel to a destination which would rejuvenate your mind and body and give you a break you very much deserve. Tata Capital’s personal loan is curated for all your travel needs without any collateral. So go ahead, apply for personal loan from Tata Capital and taste the weirdest cuisines of Asia.

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