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Tata Capital > Blog > Loan for Travel > Top 10 Beaches to Visit in New Zealand

Loan for Travel

Top 10 Beaches to Visit in New Zealand

Top 10 Beaches to Visit in New Zealand

Along with its majestic mountains and white ski terrains, New Zealand is also home to several impeccable beachfronts. With a vast coastline that stretches over 15,000 km, the country houses some stunning beaches. Here is a list of the top ten beaches you must visit in New Zealand.

1. Cathedral Cove, Coromandel

This soft sandy beach is the perfect combination of rock formations and the beautiful ocean. A huge limestone rock formation is placed on the beach, behind which lies the vast Pacific Ocean. The secluded nature of the beach makes it perfect for those looking for a getaway.

Cathedral Cove

2. Ninety Mile Beach, Northland

The Ninety Mile beach is popular for its spectacular sunset views. The tide is usually strong, with very high waves, which makes it ideal for surfing enthusiasts.

Ninety Mile Beach

3. Truman track beach

Instead of sand, this beach is filled with colourful round pebbles. It stands out because it is easy for one to walk the length of it due to its small size. Itis situated between rocks, surrounded by mesmerizing waterfalls splashing down the cliffs.

Truman Track Beach

4. Piha Beach

The Piha beach is also known as the Black Sand beach. This beach is a surfer’s paradise but is usually dangerous to swim in, due to the high currents. However, it is a must-visit for the view of the black volcanic sand surrounded by the deep blue water.

Piha Beach

5. Matapouri Bay

With its perfect horseshoe shaped bay, Matapouri Bay is the best swimming beach in New Zealand. It is frequented by families and adventurers for a swim in the calm waters. Along with its beachy qualities, it is equal parts photogenic.

Matapouri Bay

6. Medlands beach, Abel Tasman National Park

The Medlands beach is known to be ’post-card’ perfect. The idyllic golden beach is popular for multi-day hikes in the coastal forests and kayaking tours. If you’re an adventurer, this beach should be on the top of your bucket list.

Medlands Beach

7. Tolaga Bay, East Cape

The Tolaga Bay offers New Zealand’s longest pier, up to 600 metres long. Apart from its astonishing length, the bay is popular for its large sand dunes and the cliffs that are coloured golden when sunset arrives. People usually sit and enjoy the view of the waves breaking under the pier.

Tolaga Bay

8. New Chums Beach, Coromandel

New Chums, a hidden paradise, requires a little coastal walk which includes a river crossing. You can enjoy a nice pleasant evening on this beach with your family.

New Chums Beach

9. Kohaiai, West Coast

The beach at the end of the road on the West coast is one of the most fabulous ones. The low tide calmly flows over the golden sand. The best time to visit this beach is in the evening, when you can catch the beautiful sunset over the tide.

Kohaiai Beach

10. Maitai Bay, Northland

The perfect round shape of this beach is simply charming. The crystal-clear shallow water is perfect to take a dip on a sunny day. The best part of visiting this beach is that it’s surrounded by equally beautiful beaches waiting to be discovered.

Maitai Bay

Sitting in the soft sand, surrounded by serenity is a dream come true for all travel lovers. Tata Capital fuels your wanderlust with easy travel loans and personal loans. With high travel loan eligibility and personal loan eligibility, you can take the vacation of your when you apply for a personal loan or a loan for travel. Get in touch with Tata Capital today!

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