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Tata Capital > Blog > Loan for Travel > Things to Keep with You if You Are Solo Tripping

Loan for Travel

Things to Keep with You if You Are Solo Tripping

Things to Keep with You if You Are Solo Tripping

Travelling solo can be the most liberating experience of your life. But the reality of ‘Packing Anxiety’ is often a major smite to the surrealism of discovering pastures anew. After all, traveling alone is significantly different than traveling with friends or family. The key to making your trip hassle-free is to pack luggage smartly. If you want to travel light but don’t want to leave behind anything important, here is an ultimate solo-travel checklist. With the help of this checklist, you can pack in the essentials and unpack the anxiety!

1. A Portable Charger

While on a solo trip, your phone is the only companion you have. Not only does it keep you connected to the people you care about, but also keeps you feeling secure at all times. To avoid running out of battery and getting disconnected from the world, make sure you carry a portable charger with you at all times.

2. A Money Belt

A light-weight money belt allows you to keep your money hidden safely under your clothes. You don’t have to worry about leaving behind your cash in the hotel room, where it is prone to get stolen. A money belt is, hence, the most important as well as useful thing to carry while solo tripping.

3. A Water-Resistant Backpack

Traveling light is essential while solo tripping since you’re the only one to carry your luggage. A water-resistant backpack is not only light-weight but is also easy to carry, allowing you to travel hands-free. It also protects your belongings from water damage either caused due to rainfall or other sources.

4. A First Aid Kit

While solo tripping, you don’t have anyone who can run down to a pharmacy and purchase medical necessities for you. Having a first aid kit in your luggage tackles this situation with ease. You can make your own first aid kit with items such as bandages, antibacterial wipes, and some over-the-counter medicines.

5. A Medical ID

Carrying a medical ID is especially useful for travellers who have an allergy or a health condition. In case of an emergency, first responders and doctors can help you better by knowing information about your medical conditions.

6. A Whistle

Security is every traveller’s prime concern while solo tripping. Since it may be illegal in some countries (and airplanes too) to carry pepper sprays, a whistle is the next most useful device for self-defence. It acts like an alarm in case of emergencies.

7. Snack Bars

Carry some snack bars with you as an instant source of energy. It’ll prove to be a life-saver when your stomach starts growling. Do not, however, carry snack bars with too much chocolate since they could melt inside your bag.

Solo tripping provides a unique sense of freedom to the traveller, but a tight budget can be a spoilsport. Opting for a personal loan for travel provided by financial institutions like Tata Capital prevents this from happening. Moreover, with no collateral required, meeting their personal loan eligibility is as easy as it gets.

Applying for a travel loan is made even more effortless by online application and instant sanctioning. The EMIs are flexible and can be customised to fit your pocket. Furthermore, the interest rates for a personal loan are highly competitive, making you feel zero guilt irrespective of how much you spend on travel.

Think no more. Pack your bags and venture out!