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Tata Capital > Blog > Loan for Travel > List of Traditional Maldivian Cuisine you should try!

Loan for Travel

List of Traditional Maldivian Cuisine you should try!

List of Traditional Maldivian Cuisine you should try!

The picturesque archipelago of Maldives not only has pristine beaches, but it has a variety of delightful cuisines too to offer the tourists. The old-style Maldivian cuisine is also known as Dhivehi cuisine. Dhivehi cuisine comprises a variety of delicious tastes. Since the Maldives is almost 99% sea, it is not surprising that fish is the most staple diet of Maldivians. 

However, visiting the Maldives and tasting its cuisine can burn a hole in your pocket. This is where a travel loan can come to your aid. The Maldivian cuisine is a perfect combination of old-fashioned savors with healthy inspirations from its neighboring nations. Here is the list of traditional Maldivian cuisine you should try at least once: 

Garudhiya- a soup with fragrant fishes

It is a traditional Maldivian fish soup that is spiked with citrus and exotic spices. The freshly derived tuna is the primary component of this soup. The Garudhiya fish soup comprises cubes of tuna, which are cooked with curry leaves and water. It is simple to prepare but manages to render a tantalizing feel to your taste buds. 

The Saagu Bondibai 

Also known as the Sago Pudding, you should include this dish in your list. When was the last time you tasted a pudding, which comprised of starch? In the Maldives, these little starchy cubes are a significant ingredient of the people’s diet. Seasoned with warm coconut milk, rose and cardamom and topped with condensed milk, it is a kind of dessert which you can drink in large quantities. 

The Boshi Mashuni 

This dish comprises many torn banana flowers along with coconut. This salad is seasoned with a variety of exotic spices that render a heavenly taste to the dish. If you want a tangy twist, consider spicing it with lime and Maldivian chili. 

Maldivian Live Lobster

In the Maldives, there is a belief that lobsters taste good when they are eaten alive. The Maldivian lobsters are seasoned with exotic spices which are pure pleasure. It is always good to apply for personal loan to ensure that your traveling costs are taken care of.  


In the Maldives, Gulha means short eat. It is also a popular evening snack and tastes quite good with tea or coffee. A Gulha usually resembles small-sized dumplings that are filled with onions, tuna fish, and grated coconut. 

The list mentioned above will put you in a mood for a long trip to the Maldives. Assessing your travel loan eligibility will help you get a loan for travel quickly. A travel loan from Tata Capital is an ideal way to tour the Maldives and enjoy the traditional cuisine of this country in South Asia!

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