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Tata Capital > Blog > Loan for Travel > Get Ready as Jordan’s ‘Aqaba Airshow 2020 Is About to Take Off!

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Get Ready as Jordan’s ‘Aqaba Airshow 2020 Is About to Take Off!

Get Ready as Jordan’s ‘Aqaba Airshow 2020 Is About to Take Off!

Markyourcalendars! On 20th and 21st March 2020, Jordan brings the most spectacular international airshow by solo performers and aerobatics teams from all over the world. The best pilots from Jordan, Great Britain, Italy, Sweden, and Poland will fly in to display their extraordinary skills in the sky over the scenic Gulf of Aqaba, close to the King Hussain International Airport in Jordan. 

What to expect in the Aqaba Airshow 2020?

  • Be prepared, the pulse-racing aerial evolutions by the pilots will leave you spellbound. The beautiful bay in Jordan will come alive with their astonishing stunts.
  • A pair of mighty F-16 Fighting Falcons from the Royal Jordanian Air Force will present a mesmerizing show. 
  • Other notable participants include Aerosparx, Johan Gustafsson, the Pioneer Team, and Marek Choim. 
  • Airplanes are not the only performers aiming to steal your heart. Paragliders will put up a beautiful air ballet and parachutists will color up the sky in a gripping exhibition of expertise. 
  • The show will offer the double bonanza of both daytime and nighttime performances. There will be dynamic music to add to the ambiance.
  • The “dance of light” in the night sky with fireworks and laser lights will be a remarkable sight.
Aqaba Airshow 2020

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How can you enjoy the airshow best?

Wear comfortable clothes. The show will last for hours and will span days and nights. Some of the air drills are best enjoyed while sitting on the ground, and it will be best if you avoided tight-fitting outfits.

You should carry earplugs, especially if you are bringing small children along. The planes can create a high decibel of noise.

To watch the airshow comfortably, you might want to bring with you foldable chairs or sleeping pads, and light blankets to stay snug at night.

Binoculars will help you watch the maneuvers in the sky clearly, and of course, remember your camera, the shots you capture in this airshow are sure to ignite your social media pages.

Stay protected from the glare of the bright Jordanian sun with sunglasses, hats, and sunscreens. Staying hydrated is most crucial, the show being an outdoor one.

Jordan’s Aqaba Airshow

Will the show be safe?

The airshow is being organized by the Polish corporate Aeropact in collaboration with local government bodies and the tourism department of the state. Several key personnel from Royal Jordanian Falcons, Royal Air Force, the international airport, and the Civil Aviation Regulatory Commission are spearheading the planning. The Aeropact team is renowned for its attention to detail. Thus, the show is expected to maintain the highest safety standards and will be the best airshow organized in the history of Jordan.

The magnificent Aqaba Airshow 2020 is a demonstration of the mastery of humankind and machines and their combined power to dominate the sky.

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