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Tata Capital > Blog > Loan for Travel > Different Types Of Asian Cuisines To Try Out While In Asia

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Different Types Of Asian Cuisines To Try Out While In Asia

Different Types Of Asian Cuisines To Try Out While In Asia

Asia is home to extraordinary destinations with fascinating cultures and cuisines. The diversity of local produce, recipes, and ingredients is magnificent. China, Japan, India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Malaysia, Turkey, and Lebanon are some of the Asian countries famous for their unique and delectable cuisine. 

The geographically diverse continent is enriched with fresh produce. Some of the best places to visit in Asia are the ones famous for legendary recipes like Peking Duck, Udon Noodles, Biryani, Fish Curries, Satay, Sushi, Kebabs, Ashak, and Baklava. Here is a list of top 5 Asian cuisines to try out while in Asia. 

Chinese Delight of Peking Duck and Dumplings 

Chinese cuisine exhibits a delectable balance of sweet, sour, and hot spices. Meat, poultry, eggs, vegetables, and seafood are treated with care and rendered to perfection. Peking Duck is a product of ancient cooking techniques that have stood the taste of time. Wantons, dumplings, spring rolls, and steamed buns coupled with numerous soups and noodle-broths are a staple in China. Your Asian voyage is incomplete without sampling the magical cuisine of China.

Feast of Freshest Seafood at Japan 

Japanese cuisine is versatile and involves highlighting the flavor of the main ingredient. The oceanic bounty of Japan is turned into mesmerizing and lip-smacking dishes like Sushi and Sashimi. You cannot escape the scrumptious spread of Yakitori and Teriyaki recipes. It is an experience of a lifetime to taste crispy Tempuras and a steaming hot bowl of Udon Noodles. Do not leave Japan without picking up a Bento Lunchbox. 

Fragrant and Exotic Cuisine of Thailand

Thai cuisine entices travelers with aromas of lemongrass and kafir lime leaves. Fish, poultry and pork are cooked with fragrant spices and fresh herbs with a generous addition of coconut milk. Jasmine rice with Thai Yellow or Red Curry is a sublime dish. Kao niew ma muang is a simple but extremely delicious dish. It is made with sticky rice, sweet mango slices, and coconut cream. 

Lebanese Feast of Kibbeh and Pilaf 

The traditional recipes are prepared with perfection to create delicious dishes. Lamb Kibbeh is a popular Lebanese dish that is eaten with tea and also with meals. Kibbeh is made with sautéed pine nuts and spicy minced meat. Some of the most delicious dishes are Baba Ghanoush, Manakish, Falafel, Hummus, Shawarma, and the amazing Baklava.  

Afghan Jalebi and Sheer Khurma 

Steaming hot and huge portions of meat, bread, and fruits can be seen everywhere in Afghanistan. Travelers are served generous portions of meat, sweets, vegetables, and refreshing drinks. Some of the most celebrated Afghani dishes are Ashak – type of stuffed dumplings, Bolani – stuffed vegetarian flat bread, Kabuli pulao – rice dish with spices, vegetables, and meat, and Mantu – mutton dumplings. What tops the list is the sweet Afghan Jalebi and Sheer Kurma – a sweet pudding of vermicelli.

These travel tips to Asia with delectable details of the famous cuisine will surely put you in a mood for a long trip through Asia. Don’t’ wait anymore, quickly apply for a hassle-free travel loan from Tata Capital. You can rely on an Asia travel guide that will be your ideal buddy while planning a holiday to the wonderful cities and towns in Asia.