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Tata Capital > Blog > Loan for Travel > Desert Safari Dubai – Know Everything About Packages In 2022

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Desert Safari Dubai – Know Everything About Packages In 2022

Desert Safari Dubai – Know Everything About Packages In 2022

Dubai is a beautiful city known for its gold bazaars and tall skyscrapers, but it is also a place for fun-filled adventure sports. Travelers can experience the true heart of Dubai on a desert safari. Safari means journey in Arabic. Dubai has some of the most beautiful deserts in the world with their undulating sand dunes and some wildlife like the Arabian Oryxes, sand cats, red foxes, gazelles, camels, striped hyenas, etc.

Desert safari is a combination of desert adventure and a view of the Bedouin way of life. Desert safaris in Dubai include some exciting experiences such as sand boarding, camel riding, and falconry. It also includes an Arabian Desert barbecue under the stars; the atmosphere is complete with belly dancing and Tanura dancing.

Riding a buggy or an ATV Quad bike over the undulating dunes is a thrilling experience.  Desert Safaris in Dubai are available in three versions: morning safari, evening safari, and overnight desert camping.

Places to visit on a desert safari in Dubai

Tour operators offer different packages for desert safari in Dubai. Dubai city centre is a feasible starting location for theDubai desert safari. Here are some places travellers must visit on their Dubai tour.

  • Al Awir: Al Awir is a good starting point for a desert safari in Dubai. The place has some of the most stunning desert landscapes. It is located only 40 minutes away from the city centre.
  • Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve: The UAE’s first national park is located 50 minutes away from the city. In the morning, there is a beautiful hot air balloon ride. Visitors can see the stunning desert vistas with glorious sunrise on the horizon. They can also see the residents of the desert and the gorgeous flora and fauna of the National Park.

The Desert Conservation Reserve is protected land for keeping desert animals in their natural habitat. It is a great touring spot in the Dubai desert safari.

  • Al Lahbab: Al Lahbab could be the high point of the Dubai safari. This desert is known for its undulating red sand dunes. Travelers can have a memorable ride on the dunes of Al Lahbab.
  • Liwa Oasis: This is a spot of green amid a seemingly endless desert. Many people travel to Abu Dhabi to experience this live, green oasis. This is in the middle of Rub Al Khali (also known as the Empty Quarter). Rub Al Khali is the world’s largest sand desert.
  • Drive through the desert: People need to be experienced drivers to go in the desert. An international driving license is required to hire a 4-wheeler for Dubai safari.

An overnight desert safari in Dubai includes the experience of modern Bedouin life, complete with a desert barbecue (vegetarian and non-vegetarian). There is evening entertainment in the form of traditional Arabic dancing, including belly dancing and Tanura dancing. Belly dancing is famous for its sensual, undulating movement of the body. Tanura dance is an Ancient Egyptian dance customarily performed only by men in skirts. It is performed in a series of ever-increasing circles. To get the best desert safari experience in Dubai, visitors must witness the culture of the place.

After an adventurous and hectic day enjoying the Dubai desert safari, it is time to unwind and relax with some shopping therapy. Dubai is full of malls selling good-quality clothes, shoes, and handbags. Tourists can also visit a spa to be pampered in style.

Cost of the package for Dubai desert safari

The cost of a desert safari in Dubai starts from AED 150 per person. The conversion rate for the currency is Rs 21.7 equals 1 AED. This works out to Rs. 3,250 per person, approximately. A desert safari in Dubai cost with all the bells and whistles, including camel riding and riding in a hot air balloon, costs around AED 350 per person. This works out to approximately Rs. 7,500 approximately. There are also other costs of travel to Dubai, such as hotel stay, shopping, food, etc.

A trip to Dubai for two people costs around AED 10,202 per week, and for two weeks, it costs around AED 20,500. Converted to INR, the total package would be around Rs. 2,30,000.

Making a desert safari booking in Dubai in advance helps to avoid last-moment troubles. People can gift a Dubai tour package to their loved ones. They can include a desert safari in Dubai at an affordable price.

Personal Loan for Traveling

Individuals can take a personal loan from Tata Capital to cover their Dubai desert safari cost. They can relax and take the opportunity to go on the exhilarating Dubai desert safari and visit major tourist attractions while in the city. Tata Capital travel loan can fund the cost of the Dubai tour package, hotel accommodations, and other purchases.

  • Loan amount: The loan amount offered by Tata Capital ranges from Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 25,00,000. The loan is processed quickly, and it requires minimum documentation.
  • Interest rate: The interest rate on Tata Capital loan is 10.99% p.a. 
  • Eligibility: The applicant should be of age 22 to 58 years. They should have a minimum monthly salary of Rs. 20,000 and should be employed for at least one year.
  • Required documents: Standard KYC documents like identity, age, and address proof are required for loan approval. Individuals also need to submit an employment certificate from their employer to prove their employment period and salary details. A copy of bank statements for the past six months is also required. 
  • Fees and charges: As mentioned previously, interest rates are pegged at 10.99 % p.a. for a travel loan. In addition, there are processing charges, penalties for cheque bouncing, etc., the details of which are on the Tata Capital website.
  • Travel Loan EMI calculator: Tata Capital Personal Loan EMI calculator helps to estimate the EMI on personal loans. It requires the loan amount, tenure, and interest rate, to determine the amount and number of EMIs.

Two options are available with Tata Capital to structure the EMIs according to an individual's financial cash flow: Standard EMI and Step-up EMI.

In standard EMI, the EMI amount remains consistent throughout the life of the loan. As a result, the user pays the same instalments towards the principal and interest amounts combined in a single EMI. In step-up EMI, a user can schedule a lower EMI instalment in the loan's initial period when their salary is low. They can increase the amount when their salary increases. This EMI option tries to structure the principal and interest flows according to salary changes and financial inflows.


Passionate travelers can cross out Dubai safari from their bucket list with the help of Tata Capital travel loan. The loan covers the cost of desert safari, hotel stay, shopping, and flight tickets for the family.

Plan your next vacation to the UAE and bookyour desert safari in Dubai today. Visit Tata Capital to apply for your travel loan and get it processed in no time. You can select from a range of packages offering the best desert safari experience in Dubai.

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