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Tata Capital > Blog > Loan for Travel > Check Out Some Cool Things To Do In Cape Town This Winter

Loan for Travel

Check Out Some Cool Things To Do In Cape Town This Winter

Check Out Some Cool Things To Do In Cape Town This Winter

The beauty of South Africa isn’t known to one and all. Every year, tourists flock the country in large numbers to enjoy being close to nature. The vast landscapes, scenic beaches, clear waters, delicious food and breathtaking views attract many to this heavenly land. Cape Town, the second-most populous city in South Africa, is among the most popular tourist destinations here. 

The charm of Cape Town is such that people cannot resist visiting it even if it calls for opting for a personal loan for travel or holiday loan. People love holidaying in lesser crowded destinations; you too can enjoy it by visiting Cape Town during the off-season in winter. 

Reports suggest South Africa is one of the most budget-friendly countries to live and retire in. During winter, travel-related expenses fall reasonably. Hence, repaying your travel loan should not be a problem as you don’t have to borrow a huge amount. 

Let’s check out some of the cool things you can do during your stay at Cape Town in winter:

Visiting the Table Mountain

Probably the best place in Cape Town for photography, the stunning periphery of the Table Mountain cannot be missed. There will be few views prettier than the clouds blanket over the mountain. The awe-inspiring pink and golden sunrise and sunset are a sight to behold. The icing on the cake is the unpredictable weather. Sudden thundershowers amplify the beauty of the place further. 

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Watching whales swim across

You might have enjoyed the wildlife in your country but watching the whale is something very few of us are fortunate to see. During the breeding season, these massive mammals migrate towards the seaside town of Hermanus. The location is a mere 30-minute-drive from Cape Town. It is worth visiting if you want to carry back home some exciting stories to tell your friends. 

Visiting the Cape Point

The meeting point of the Atlantic and the Indian Ocean, the Cape Point is laden with lush greenery and wonderful beaches. A popular site among Cape Town visitors, the lighthouse of the Cape Point is a must-visit. You can travel to the lighthouse in a cable-knit carriage on a mini rail, which offers you a panoramic view of the place. 


If you love adventures, you can enjoy the Monster Mountain Scooters that are eco-friendly and gravity-propelled. Operating these scooters is quite simple. Anyone who knows how to ride a bicycle would be able to do it easily. You can cover about five kilometers on these scooters. 

Fun at Intaka Island

This is an experience not to be missed! The award-winning ferry-ride of the 16-hectare Intaka Island - bird sanctuary and wetlands with options of hop-on and hop-off at Canal Walk and Crystal Towers - should be on your cards while on your Cape Town visit. 

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You can visit all the above places in Cape Town and more without a worry on your mind. Tata Capital offers vacation loans at attractive interest rates after verifying your travel loan eligibility. So, avail of a holiday loan and plan a visit to Cape Town.

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