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Tata Capital > Blog > Loan for Travel > Celebrate Christmas with Swiss Tradition

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Celebrate Christmas with Swiss Tradition

Celebrate Christmas with Swiss Tradition

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year! And a big part of what makes Christmas so special is the beautiful Christmas traditions. Secret Santa, Christmas stockings, cookies and milk, carols and decorating the Christmas tree are universal favorites. But every country does things with their own twist, and Switzerland is no different!

So, if you’ve been looking to get a loan for travel to have yourself a merry little Christmas, then Switzerland is the place to consider! It has some of the most fascinating and fun Christmas traditions, and here’s a list curated exclusively for you.

Samichlaus - The Swiss Santa

Samichlaus, the Swiss Santa, doesn’t visit children in their homes on 25th December but rather on the 6th December. He doesn’t climb down the chimney when they are sleeping - he knocks on the door and is invited in. Samichlaus doesn’t come bearing gifts but rather edible delights like chocolates, Lebkuchen, mandarin oranges and nuts for all those kids who have been nice throughout the year. There’s a tradition of reciting poems for Samichlaus to win a greater quantity of treats.

Santa’s Evil Sidekick

The most interesting part of Swiss’s take on Santa Claus is that Samichlaus comes with an evil sidekick - Schmutzli. Schmutzli wears a black robe, making him look scary and intimidating for all the naughty kids.

This duality of the good Santa who rewards for nice behavior and his evil accompanier who punishes for naughty behavior sets an excellent example for kids. A travel loan is a great option to consider for taking your family to Switzerland this Christmas and experience the Swiss traditions.

Advent Candles

‘Advent’ means coming in Latin and is the period of the four Sundays before Christmas. This gives time to prepare for the coming of Jesus. There are several exciting Swiss Christmas traditions related to this period, one of them is the Advent candles.

A wreath, made from twigs and pinecones, with four candles is placed on the table during December, and on each Sunday one candle is lit until Christmas eve when all four are burning. These four Advent candles represent hope, faith, joy, and peace.

Advent Windows and Calendar

In smaller towns of Switzerland, neighborhoods indulge in the tradition of Advent windows where 24 homes are selected to decorate one of their windows for Christmas. It’s like a countdown until Christmas eve, where every day beginning from 1st December, one window will be unveiled. The citizens of the town all come together for the unveiling of each advent window, and it’s a merry little gathering.

Similar to Advent windows, December in Switzerland also brings with it the highly anticipated Advent calendars. Each day has a small window, which when opened has a Christmas themed picture or a tiny trinket as a gift for the children to heighten their excitement and anticipation for 25th. An experience like this is worth a visit to Switzerland - it will feel like out of a fairytale!

The best part about travel loan is that the travel loan eligibility is very basic. This makes it easy to avail a personal loan for traveling to the places that speak to you.

Cookie Baking

While baking cookies for Christmas may be a universal tradition, what makes this Swiss one so special is that they take it quite seriously. Families often have their own cookie recipes and bake it in large batches. Christmas in Switzerland begins not when the trees are decorated, or the lights are put up, but when everyone begins baking cookies.

Are you excited to celebrate this Christmas with these fun Swiss traditions? You can look at Tata Capital’s personal loan for travel. The travel loan eligibility is basic, and you can easily apply for personal loan. Also, the added advantage of celebrating Christmas in Switzerland - you’ll have a white Christmas! Schöni Wiehnachte - Merry Christmas!

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