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Tata Capital > Blog > Loan for Travel > Budget Travel Ideas: Travel Hacks That Can Save Your Time Money & Space

Loan for Travel

Budget Travel Ideas: Travel Hacks That Can Save Your Time Money & Space

Budget Travel Ideas: Travel Hacks That Can Save Your Time Money & Space

Have you been planning a vacation trip for a long time? A lot of us look forward to week-long escapades to the mountains or beaches, and yet things don’t come to pass. Why? Due to financial constraints or lack of proper planning.

So, if you are looking for a pocket-friendly break from daily life, here are some budget travel ideas to help you out.

Pack smartly

Often, trying to get all the essentials to fit into your travel case can be a challenge. You also need to account for any souvenirs you may be bringing back from your trip. To make more space, start your packing with small items like socks and shoes. The added advantage of doing so is that you can wrap fragile items in your socks to prevent them from breaking.

Roll T-shirts rather than folding them, as this saves you a considerable amount of space. Plus, this way of packing prevents any wrinkles or creases. Lastly, make sure you carry a laundry bag to store all your dirty clothes in.

Travel off-season

If you want fewer crowds and low prices, travelling off-season can help you hit two birds with one stone. However, make sure you check the seasonality, especially if you plan to visit foreign countries, as they often have travel seasons different from India.

Eat local

Travelling to a new place and not tasting its local food can be considered a crime. So rather than spending a lot in a high-end restaurant, visit the street food carts and fast food joints. Eating local will not only help you save money but also provide you with insight into the cuisine and culture of the locale.

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Snack economically

Food served in flights and airports is too expensive for what they’re worth. A solution to this problem is carrying your own snacks. Snacks like dry fruits, nuts, and corn flakes are both easy to carry and healthy. If you want a more satisfying meal, sandwiches always do the trick!

Download maps

Data rates can cost sky high if your phone is on roaming or if you’re using an international SIM card. That’s why it’s better to download the map of the area before you travel. This way, you can easily explore new places and find local restaurants and street food without wasting time.

Get a travel loan

If you don’t want to compromise on the luxuries and want to make it the trip of your life, you should consider getting a travel loan. It will help you manage all the travel expenses efficiently and won’t blow a hole in your wallet. Moreover, many lenders in the market provide travel finance at affordable personal loan interest rates. Therefore, finding a suitable loan won’t be a problem.

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Over to you

Are financial constraints not allowing you to plan your dream trip? Well, with Tata Capital’s travel finance, you have nothing to worry about! We provide attractive interest rates and low EMIs, which you can calculate accurately using our personal loan EMI calculator.

So what are you waiting for? Visit Tata capital’s website today and plan your trip using our holiday loan calculator.

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