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Tata Capital > Blog > Loan for Travel > Best Shopping Places in Bhutan

Loan for Travel

Best Shopping Places in Bhutan

Best Shopping Places in Bhutan

Bhutan in the northeast is blessed with panoramic beauty, rich culture, history and architectural heritage. It is among the very few countries that have been able to strike a fine balance between modern growth and cultural wisdom. Bhutan measures its success through a Happiness Index and shares the same outlook and hospitality with travelers.

If you are looking to visit Bhutan, then here are some of the items you should add to your shopping list (and the places you can buy them from) when holidaying here and take back a part of the country’s culture with you:

Indigenous paintings or Thangkas-

Thangka or rolled up scroll paintings are sacred to the Bhutanese and are intricately block printed or embroidered on cloth or silk applique.

Where to buy: Bhutan Art Gallery, National Institute of Zorig Chusum


Handicrafts in Bhutan

Traditional artisans make decorative vases, statues and wall hangings. Paper and bamboo products such as decorative notebooks, journals or greeting cards make for great gifting options.

Where to buy: Cheencho Handicraft, Jungshi Handmade Paper Factory

Wooden items-

About 75% of Bhutan is under forest cover. It is hence no surprise that wooden products are very popular among tourists. A ‘dappa’ or wooden bowl, intricately carved wooden masks, jewelry boxes and sculptures can make great decorative items for your house.

Where to buy: Choki Handicrafts, Wood Turning and Lacquering Cluster

Clothes and accessories-

Clothes and Accessories in Bhutan

If you want to upgrade your winter wear, then Bhutan has some affordable options when it comes to woolen items. The Bhutanese are a fashionable bunch of people; you can find a lot of contemporary clothing and accessories imported from Bangkok and Hong Kong at affordable rates here.

Where to buy: Yarkay Central Mall, Yanki’s Sales

Local food items-

Fresh local produce is used everywhere in Bhutan. Make sure to buy some unadulterated spices, chili powder, imported Chinese tea, and the world-famous noodles. If you are up for it, you could also take home samples of Yak cheese.

Where to buy: Centenary Farmers Market, the Tea market

Buddha sculptures-

Buddha Sculptures in Bhutan

Buddhism is integral to the way of life in Bhutan. You can find majestic statues depicting Buddha in different postures that are made from various materials such as iron, bronze, wood and clay. Remember not to purchase any ‘antique’ items as you will not be allowed to take them out of the country.

Where to buy: Authentic Bhutanese Crafts, Norzim Lam Street

A trip to the happiest country on earth!

Bhutan is a land of scenic beauty and rich culture. Bring back memorabilia for yourself and your loved ones and share your joy without having to worry about finances. A travel loan through Tata Capital’s personal loan division can ensure that your heart and bags are full when on holiday. The loan for travel is available up to Rs 25 lakh based on your travel loan eligibility and can help you shop till you drop.

Affordable interest rates and flexible EMI tenures make it convenient to pay back the loan in a stress-free, or should we say the Bhutanese way. All you need to do is check your personal loan eligibility, and you could get a disbursal in your bank account within two days once you apply for personal loan.

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