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Tata Capital > Blog > Loan for Travel > Best Road Trip Ideas for a Memorable Vacation in Europe

Loan for Travel

Best Road Trip Ideas for a Memorable Vacation in Europe

Best Road Trip Ideas for a Memorable Vacation in Europe

The beauty of Europe lies in its eclectic offerings that appeal to travelers of all types. Whether you are looking to taste the local cuisine, visit places or enjoy the nightlife, Europe has it all! What Europe also has are fantastic routes for those enamored by road trips.

If the thrill of cruising through open roads and adventure calls out to you, don’t let a lack of funds get in the way. Applying for a personal loan or travel loan through Tata Capital, allows you to experience Europe like the locals. If you’ve made up your mind, here is a Europe travel guide on the best routes for a fantastic road trip.


Push the pedal on the ‘no speed limit’ highway system of Autobahn as you take in the gorgeous view of the German countryside. This is the perfect road for those looking for that adrenaline rush and experience nature at its glory.

The Ring of Kerry

Ireland is known for more than just beer. The rugged countryside with the sun setting in the background makes a postcard-perfect canvas for cruising through the roads. The 200 km loop of the Ring of Kerry compresses an experience covering mountains, rivers, beaches, and native villages.

Les Corniches

A road trip worth taking a personal loan for is the Les Corniches track. Pack in three different experiences with one road trip as you brace through three altitudes across France’s renowned terrains and through the breathtaking French countryside.

Troll Route

The sheer beauty of this road trip will leave you with memories of a lifetime as the Troll Route, in Norway, gives a window seat view of Europe’s scenic landscapes with mountain and waterfalls passing you by.

Klausen Pass

There’s nothing better than meandering through the challenging pathways of the Swiss Alps. The Klausen Pass is not just known for its picturesque views, but every couple of years, it organises the Klausenrennen race where racing enthusiasts participate in a wild car race.

Stelvio Pass

The high altitude of the Eastern Alps nestles some daunting roads that draw in travel enthusiasts from the world over. The Stelvio Pass with its steep roads and edgy curves cutting through mountains tests a driver’s skill for sure. This pass will definitely give you the experience you’re looking for.


They say it takes an expert to drive through curvy roads, and if you’re up for the challenge, the winding pathway through the Carpathians is the ideal choice. Ranked among the world’s top drives, a journey across Transfagarsan also gifts you with a fantastic view of historic architecture.

An important travel tip for Europe road trips is to ensure that safety is paramount. Always carry a first aid kit and be vigilant on the roads. That being said, if you’re someone who’d rather take a road trip to experience the authentic beauty of a destination, you won't regret taking a travel loan from Tata Capital to experience Europe via its roadways.

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