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Tata Capital > Blog > Loan for Travel > All You Need to Know About Mexican Cuisines Before Travelling to Mexico

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All You Need to Know About Mexican Cuisines Before Travelling to Mexico

All You Need to Know About Mexican Cuisines Before Travelling to Mexico

From meaty tacos to spicy broths, Mexican cuisine is famous for its delicious blend of herbs and spices. The spicy and cheesy flavours make them the ultimate comfort food. Here are the most popular finger-licking dishes you must try on your next trip to Mexico.

1. Chilaquiles

Popularly known as Nachos, Chilaquiles are a popular breakfast dish in Mexico. They are triangular shaped fried corn tortillas topped with green and red salsa, scrambled egg or pulled chicken and sour cream. This dish is the perfect combination of crispy and creamy.


2. Pozole

This traditional soup is stewed using hominy corn. It is typically cooked overnight after adding chicken, pork or vegetables to the broth. This allows the broth to soak in the flavours of the meat and corn. The soup is then topped with fresh lettuce, radish and onions along with lime, oregano and chili for the tangy flavour.


3. Tacos al Pastor

Roughly translated as “Shepherds tacos,” Tacos al Pastor is one of the most popular variety of tacos in Mexico City. Round corn tortillas are filled with thin slices of marinated and seasoned pork. The tortillas are then topped with fresh pineapple, onion and cilantro. These tacos are an exquisite blend of sweet and salty.

Tacos al Pastor

4. Elote

Also known as Corn-on-the-Cob, Elote is a delicious street-food snack found in every corner in Mexico City. The corn is served either on a stick or in a cup. What makes this snack unique and flavourful are the various toppings it is served with, including lime, chili, butter, cheese, mayonnaise and sour cream!


5. Mole

Mole is a traditional Mexican sauce, which is cooked using 20 different ingredients, from chili peppers to chocolate. This mouth-watering dish comes in a lot of varieties, with the black and green mole being the most famous ones in Mexico City. The most popular version of the dish is Mole Poblano, which is a spicy thick red sauce, served over turkey or chicken.


6. Tamales

In Mexico City, Tamales can be bought from the local men travelling around the city on their bikes, carrying huge pots of Tamales. Tamales are pockets of corn dough, stuffed with either a sweet or savoury filling, wrapped in banana leaves or corn husks. The fillings vary from meats and cheeses to fruits and vegetables. Depending on your mood, you can choose a Tamale which is either meaty, sweet or spicy.


7. Enchiladas

A perfect Mexican breakfast is incomplete without some delicious enchiladas. Corn and flour tortillas are stuffed with meat, seafood, cheese and vegetables. What makes the enchiladas unique is the abundant amount of chili sauce they are topped with.


To enjoy these flavourful dishes, add them to your bucket list for your next trip to Mexico. Tata Capital will help you travel with ease by providing you with personal loan and travel loans. You can check your personal loan eligibility and travel loan eligibility on our website. Then apply for a personal loan or a loan for travel at Tata Capital and fulfil your travel dreams.