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Tata Capital > Blog > Loan for Travel > 5 Tips to Plan a Budget Valentine’s Holiday This 2022

Loan for Travel

5 Tips to Plan a Budget Valentine’s Holiday This 2022

5 Tips to Plan a Budget Valentine’s Holiday This 2022

Valentine's Day is fast approaching! What could be more special than spending some quality time with your beloved at a romantic destination? Perhaps you're holding back at the thought of the expenses leaving a dent in your monthly budget. Worry not. We bring our top five tips to enjoy a budget Valentine’s holiday in 2022.

1. Create a proper budget

Have a rough idea of your expenses to plan this special day. If you’re planning a short trip, factor in major costs such as flights, accommodation, and food. You can also create a budget for the activities you want to do together – water sports, dinner, etc. Even if these expenses don’t leave a huge hole in your savings, you still want to leave your monthly budget undisturbed. Apply for an easy personal loan for travel to take care of all these costs and enjoy your Valentine’s Day stress free.

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2. Check digital wallets for discounts and offers

The use of digital wallets is on the rise. You can find many exciting offers and discounts on online shopping, dining, movie tickets, entertainment, etc. Use these offers smartly to plan a special day for your loved one on your Valentine’s holiday.

Banks and credit card companies also run exciting offers on expenditure during Valentine’s season. Make the most of them for a budget Valentine’s 2022.

3. Wait for holiday prices to decrease

Your Valentine’s holiday trip may prove to be an expensive one if you’re picking a popular tourist spot. The prices of travel tickets, restaurants, hotels, and more are usually on the higher side at such places. If you can, postpone your trip for the following weekend. This way, you will not only save big on these expenses but will also find the destination to be less crowded. Nothing triumphs peace on a budget, right?

4. Choose an offbeat destination

The typical romantic destinations are not only sure to be super-crowded but will also be a lot more expensive. The good news is you do not need a specific destination to enjoy a special day with your loved one. In fact, by exploring places that are offbeat, you might discover great attractions, better lodging amenities, and more privacy. So, go off-the-beaten-path and plan your Valentine's holiday to a less-known destination.

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5. Plan a group trip

Though a group tour on Valentine’s Day does not sound like a good idea, it can be one from the financial viewpoint. Packaged tours are generally more affordable than individual ones. Plus, once you’re at your destination, you will undoubtedly find plenty of occasions to be alone with your loved one and spend quality time with them.

Over to you

Want your trip to be an enjoyable and affordable one this Valentine’s Day? Apply for Tata Capital’s easy personal loan. Our loan offerings start at Rs. 5 lakhs and can be paid back using easy and flexible EMI options. To know more about our personal loan interest rates and other charges.

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