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Tata Capital > Blog > Loan for Travel > 5 Places You can Explore This April

Loan for Travel

5 Places You can Explore This April

5 Places You can Explore This April

As kids, we would always look forward to our summer vacations. This would mean no more school, no more homework and no getting up early in the morning. It would also mean taking a trip either to your native village or visiting some relatives away from home. As adults, weather and seasons have no bearing as to when you want to take a leave.

Why you ask? Because travelling is the one antidote to your stress.

Travelling is known to be the best medicine you would need to rejuvenate yourself away from the daily rigmarole of office and work.

As kids, you would not think about how your parents would fund your holiday. But as adults you have to; be it for yourself or your children who are looking forward to a family vacation.

If you are planning a summer vacation for your family or just looking forward for a much-deserved break, why not plan a holiday which will be conducive on your pockets as well. What we mean is why not take a travel loan so that you get a chance to break free from your stressful life, even if it is for a short while!

Wondering what's a travel loan? Well, a travel loan is just like a personal loan. It is a loan for travel, and just like a personal loan, it is unsecured which means you don't need any collateral to avail this loan. We, at Tata Capital give up to Rs 25 lakh loan for a travel loan, and it can be paid off over easy instalments  spanning over one to six years with a reasonable rate of interest.

Availing a travel loan is also quite easy. You can apply for personal loan online itself on the Tata Capital website and you are sorted to travel.

 Before you get excited with the thought of globetrotting, you need to decide on the location! But where can you go? Here are five places you can visit in the month of April, this year:

Chicago: With the sun in a rather mellowed form, a drizzle of snow every now and then and the colourful blooms across the city, Chicago is perfect heaven in the month of April. It is the best time to opt for a guided city walk or a bus tour  to enjoy the umpteen events and fests that are lined up in April here. Chicago is one of the best places to visit in April with family. When here, you must visit the Cloud Gate, Willis Tower, Navy Pier, and North Michigan Avenue. Temperature varies between – 2 to 17 degrees Celsius with intermittent rain and snowfall. Pack some light woollens. Buy adequate clothes if you don't have them already. Don't worry about expenses as your travel loan will cover all of it. 


Switzerland: Switzerland is still a tad bit cold in April but not as much as December and January. Specks of snow can be seen on the mountains and the landscape, amid lush green stretches. The skiing trails are inviting adventure lovers for hiking and trekking along the picturesque terrain. The must-visit places include Lucerne, Geneva, Zurich. Temperature varies from 3 to 14 degrees Celsius.


Rome: The ancient city of Italy with all its glory and umpteen tourist spots is the ideal place to be in the month of April. As the countdown for Easter begins, the footfall begins to increase in the city, so make your bookings in advance. You will be able to enjoy the most-awaited events of the year at the Vatican during Easter. The city also offers a lot of scope for on-foot explorations. The weather is pleasant so you can at peace explore every nook and corner of the city. The must-visit places include Colosseum, St. Peter’s Basilica, and Pantheon.


Paris: If you are planning a romantic sojourn with your partner this spring, Paris is yet another great option. The month of April in Paris has mild weather with little rain. It is not exactly a warm month but has pleasant weather nevertheless so you won't feel uncomfortable. The tourists’ footfall increases in May so if you want to see a less crowded Paris, this is the ideal time to explore. Being one of the most highly rated destinations in Europe, Paris, is undoubtedly one of the best places to travel in April 2019. It's a tad expensive city, so it's better to arm yourself with a loan for travel before you set foot here. When here, you must visit the Louvre Museum, the Notre Dame, and Eiffel Tower.


Japan: Love cherry blossoms? Then head to Japan in the month of April to see cherry blossom trees in full bloom. The country turns pink during this time of the year. If here in April, you can also witness the famous Hanami festival, observed to welcome the cherry blossom season. The celebration involves an outdoor party under the sakura (cherry blossom) tree, during day time. A night party is also held, it is called ‘yozakura’, during which paper or electric lanterns are hung from the trees for decoration. The sight is so beautiful that it will leave you completely mesmerized. Apart from these, there are several other attractions in Japan including the Ueno Park, Mt. Yae, Nakijin Castle, Asakusa temple in Tokyo, onsens in Sapporo.


Now that we have told you about the best places to go on a vacation in April 2019, what are you waiting for? Apply for a personal loan right away, and make your bookings in advance to enjoy early bird discounts.