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Tata Capital > Blog > Loan for Travel > 10 Top Tier Places To Go For Desert Camping In Dubai In 2022

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10 Top Tier Places To Go For Desert Camping In Dubai In 2022

10 Top Tier Places To Go For Desert Camping In Dubai In 2022


The world has entered a new normal, with people learning to live with the pandemic. With COVID cases subsiding all over the world, avid travellers are again lacing up their boots. So, as we put the gloom of the pandemic behind us, Dubai is the place to be in to enjoy a few memorable days with the family.

This blog will discuss the most prevalent activity of people going to Dubai: desert camping. The desert region in Dubai is now a place where people unwind and create new moments to cherish forever.

A desert safari in Dubai uncovers various traditions and cultures, enriching the traveller's experience. The Majlis, Tanoura show, and belly dancing are some activities one can experience while going on a desert safari in the Dubai desert. Travellers need to select their destination to maximise the thrill of travelling and their comfort.

Dubai as a Holiday Destination

Dubai is a place that has everything to offer to a traveller looking forward to a memorable holiday. In Dubai, travellers can shop till they drop and spend a day on the beach or attend the grand carnivals. Some of the best hotels in the world are located in Dubai, offering the best services to make the trip unforgettable.

The best time to visit Dubai is from March to September when the weather is pleasant and there are several events and activities to enjoy. One such activity is the desert safari. People can easily find a desert camp in Dubai that matches their budget and preferences.

10 Most Fabulous Places to Enjoy Desert Camping in Dubai In 2022:

Having plans to travel to Dubai this year? One should not miss out on the top 10 desert safari places that Dubai offers.

1.   Al Dhafra Beach:

The Al Dhafra Beach is the most spectacular site for desert camping. Travellers have the chance to live in a camp near the Arabian sea. The Arabian Sea is vast and beautiful, and the Al Dhafra Beach gives travellers a front-row seat to view it. Seeing it in person is an experience that cannot be described with words. What is unique about this place is that it is the only place which allows people to camp and live near the Arabian Sea. Imagine staying there overnight, waking up, and spotting turtles and other sea creatures!

2.   Al Qudra Lake:

Al Qudra has to be one of the best locations for desert safaris that Dubai has on offer. The location of Al Qudra has a serene and peaceful vibe to it, which helps in providing a memorable experience. The lake is huge and beautiful, and one can go for long walks near the area. The campsite is located where one can see the sunset and the sunrise, which is an experience in itself. There are camels, swans, and exotic birds that come near the oasis, making the experience of camping at Al Qudra a wonderful memory.

3.   Umm Al Quwain-Beach:

One can camp anywhere they want on the Umm Al Quwain beach. The shoreline offers travellers a stunning view of the sea. There are ancestral fishing rural villages in a place called Al Raas. That is a place to visit for a first-hand fishing experience in the sea. For keen anglers, fishing gears are available for rent. The best time to fish is from sunset to sunrise when the sea is calm, and the waves are gentle. In addition to the bustling sections of the Umm Al Quwain beach, there are also tranquil areas where one may catch a glimpse of flamingos and other birds that are less common in urban areas.

4.   Fujairah:

Fujairah is an Emirate situated on the eastern coast of the UAE. The place is considered the best place for overnight desert camping when one is travelling in Dubai. The view of the sea alongside the mountains is a breathtaking sight. While in Fujairah, go snorkelling and experience marine life with the wonders of living in a luxurious camp.

5.  Hajar Mountains:

The Hajar Mountains lie between the UAE and Oman. If a person is looking for a desert camping trip in Dubai, the Hajar Mountains should find a place on his wish list. For people who love trekking, this is indeed a haven. Do not forget to carry trekking gear. One may go trekking in the Hajar Mountains and spend the night in a camp, soaking in the beauty of nature.

6.  Jebel Al Jais:

Jebel Al Jais is called the “Grand Canyon of Oman.” Situated near Ras Al Khaima, the natural beauty of Jebel Al Jais is spectacular. If one is fond of hiking, this is a must-visit place for them. The view of the canyons from an altitude is admirable. The hiking track is not treacherous and relatively easy to climb. Travellers may camp in the mountains and enjoy the star-filled sky above them at night.

7.   Fossil Rock:

The Fossil Rock in Sharjah, with its surroundings of dunes, is a perfect setting for a desert camp. The experience of driving around in the dunes and off-road drives in 4X4 SUVs is superb. Travellers must visit the Fossil Rock in two places: The Big Red, The Camel Rock, and the dune buggy.

8.   White Sands Beach:

The White Sands Beach is near Wadi Shab and Fins. This is an excellent place to camp on the cliff adjacent to the beach, shimmering with white sand. Water sports, such as snorkelling, diving and fishing, can be enjoyed here. In addition, a few of the best shopping spots in Dubai are near the White Sands Beach.

9.   Khasab Sea Tours:

Travellers must procure a 10-day tourist visa if they plan to visit Al Sayah and Khasab Plateau located in Musandam. The permit is required as the border of Al Rams falls in between. While at this place, one may indulge in mountain biking, trekking or simply unwind. Travellers may also catch fish and grill it for dinner. As visitors require a tourist visa, it will be advisable to keep themselves aware of the rules and regulations so that they do not fall into any trouble. The tourist visa cost is Rs 1000/- per person.

10. Wadi Rum Bedouin Camp:

The Wadi Rum Bedouin Camp is Dubai's most preferred desert camping site. This camp is located among the dunes and away from the hustle and bustle of modern life. The camp is fitted with all modern amenities to make visitors' stay comfortable. The exotic belly dance, which is a bonus with the addition of ethnic food, gives the visitors a unique exposure to the Bedouin ways of life. In addition, one may choose to go on camel rides from this camp.

Things to carry on desert camping trips in Dubai:

As travellers are planning to spend time in the desert and the wilderness, they need to ensure that they are carrying the following:

·        Enough supply of drinking water

·        Medicines

·        Blankets

·        Tents – in some places, travellers may not get them for rent

·        Sufficient quantity of food, preferably dry and tinned food

·        Batteries to keep connectivity intact

·        First-aid kit

·        Trekking gear and boots

The rules and regulations of Dubai are stringent; hence, visitors should carry all of their documents (passport and visa) with them.

Dubai desert safari packages:

Before going ahead with the desert trip, travellers should check for the various packages that tour operators offer. The packages include pick up and drop off from the hotel in a 4X4 SUV, dune bashing, and barbeque dinner. Some of the luxury packages have night stays as well.

The Dubai desert safari costs around Rs 25,000/- to INR Rs 35,000/- per person.


Desert camping in Dubai is an excellent way to experience the wilderness and escape daily city life. However, do not lose heart if one does not have sufficient money, as there are many ways to get around it.

Many leading financial institutions, such as Tata Capital, offer travel loans. The loans come in attractive interest rates and may be paid back in instalments over time. To know more about the travel loan options from Tata Capital, one may visit this link and check out their offering.

So, what is stopping you from going on that long-awaited trip to Dubai? Plan a desert safari in Dubai and get going!!

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