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Tata Capital > Blog > Loan for Home > Why is There a High Demand for Sea Facing Apartments in Mumbai?

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Why is There a High Demand for Sea Facing Apartments in Mumbai?

Why is There a High Demand for Sea Facing Apartments in Mumbai?

Imagine waking up to beautiful sun rays shining through the window, the feel of a cool breeze gushing on your face. You go to the balcony to come face to face with the lush greens and a stream of light hitting the sea. Sounds like a dreamy view, doesn’t it? Well, many potential homebuyers are scouting for such luxury housing today.

This is why Mumbai is one of the premium locations for buyers looking for modern amenities, convenient locations, and the luxury of a spectacular view.

Here are some other reasons why sea-facing apartments in Mumbai have become a hotbed for investment.

1. Serene environment

One of the primary reasons behind the preference for a sea-view property is the environment it offers. Considering the hustle and bustle of the metropolitan, several people crave a peaceful atmosphere that a view of the ocean can offer, whether a bachelor or a family of four. So, they don’t shy away from spending a fortune in purchasing such a property.

2. Improved standard of living

With increased disposable income among potential buyers and the aspiration to rise to a better status, people are investing in more luxurious properties, high-end technology, and more. A premium location and a fancy house have become a testament to their raised standard of living. And owning a sea-facing house allows them all of this.

To cater to this growing expectation of people, the real estate market is also coming up with new projects with exciting offers to attract more customers. What's more, lenders now resort to relaxed home loan eligibility criteria, so availing a home loan is no longer a challenging task.

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3. Better amenities

Having basic amenities and facilities like a safe neighbourhood, schools, hospitals, entertainment zones, etc., close by has become a necessity when looking for a house. So, various real-estate developers in Mumbai are introducing projects that combine access to basic facilities and the luxury of a sea-view home. 

Besides, as home loans have become readily available, many premium locations in Mumbai have become a hotspot for people looking to invest in such properties.

4. Increased investment capacity

As a developing country, the net worth of individuals in India is increasing day by day. Now people with a high-income capacity are willing to spend more on building a better lifestyle. It is no secret that a sea view apartment in Mumbai can cost more than other properties. However, it has still become an excellent investment option for people who want to experience luxurious living.

Moreover, the real estate industry in Mumbai has also attracted investments from NRIs looking for high-value rental opportunities. This has further added to the boom!

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