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Tata Capital > Blog > Loan for Home > Know about Dholera Smart City Project

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Know about Dholera Smart City Project

Know about Dholera Smart City Project

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s dream project, the Dholera Smart City project, is all set to turn into reality. Considered to be the most ambitious project ever undertaken in the Indian nation, Dholera has often been compared to Singapore in terms of its modernism and meticulous planning. Let’s find out all about this smart city project.

What is Dholera Smart City Project?

Located barely 100 kms away from the city of Ahmedabad and having a total footprint of around 920, Dholera, under the governance of the then Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi is the largest of the eight industrial greenfield cities being developed in the first phase of the 100 billion-dollar Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor or DMIC project.

The Special Investment Region (SIR) reserved for Dholera is expected to be twice the size of Delhi and encompass 22 villages. The project is expected to be complete by the year 2030 with the city housing an estimated 20 lakh people by the year 2042.

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As said by the DMICDC CMD, “Dholera would be India’s first Platinum-Certificate Green City due to its planning design and execution;” initiatives such as discounted land prices and financial grants have already been taken to invite manufacturers from different fields to set up shops in the city – electronics, aviation, defence, textiles, pharmaceuticals, etc.

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India’s very own Singapore: Mind-blowing Facts about Dholera Smart City

The following are some amazing facts about India’s most ambitious project -

  • Out of all the cities being developed in the Special Investment Region (SIR), Dholera is supposed to be the largest greenfield city in India expected to be twice the size of Delhi
  • Dholera Smart City will provide affordable housing options to millions of people and expansion opportunities to thousands of businesses
  • Dholera Smart City will have an open green area of 11%, considered to be the largest in the nation
  • Dholera Smart City is a potential global trading and manufacturing hub due to the proximity it shares with the DMIC corridor
  • The city will have a six-lane expressway and a metro line to reduce travel time
  • The EWS (Economically Weaker Sections) will be allotted 10% of the residential areas of the city
  • The city boasts of having tap water that will be drinkable
  • According to FORBES, Dholera is among the top 12 fastest growing cities in the world and the first such city in India
  • The city will house state-of-the-art technology and world-class infrastructure with Town Planning done by UK consultant M/s Halcrow
  • The city also has the potential of developing as a multi-model transportation hub as its closely located to all the Northern Indian states
  • The city will house its own international airport called the Dholera Airport having two parallel runways of 2910 mts. and 4000 mts. respectively
  • Covered by water on three sides, the city will also have an excellent seaport
  • Vishwapuram Dholera is the most ambitious housing project of Dholera; a locality with only luxurious housing options

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