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Tata Capital > Blog > Loan for Home > Is a Service Provider Required for getting Registered with the RERA?

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Is a Service Provider Required for getting Registered with the RERA?

Is a Service Provider Required for getting Registered with the RERA?

All real estate developers must register with RERA before they can legally build, promote, or advertise any housing projects. This is a direct guideline from RERA and attracts a penalty if you don't follow suit. But do you need to hire a service provider for RERA registration? Well, not always.

There are two primary ways to do this. Let’s take a look at each of them individually.

1. Registering through a service provider

If you're confused by the RERA rules, you may consider hiring a service provider to register. A RERA registration service provider can help make your registration process easier. This means nipping all your registration problems right at the source, including:

  • Problems during online registration due to the lack of a user-friendly interface
  • Communication problems with management at all levels regarding the RERA act
  • Filing the appropriate documents and certificates as construction progresses
  • Marketing the projects at the right time in compliance with the guidelines laid out by RERA, etc.,

In fact, many service providers also collaborate with Government officials to make the RERA approval smoother.

For instance, some service providers educate developers about all aspects of RERA, including the compliances throughout the project life cycle. This includes providing timely information, resources, checklists, drafting letters, filling up the right forms, and ensuring all the documentation is in place for successful RERA approval.

Put simply, a RERA service provider guides you at every step of the registration process, so there are no lapses in approval.

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2. Applying for registration yourself

Don’t want to get a RERA registration through a service provider? No problem. You can register yourself using your state’s RERA digital portal. Here’s what  you need to do.

  • Visit the official RERA site for your state
  • Select New Registration and the User Type
  • Enter the required information

This creates your RERA account. Now you can Log In and get your project registered. To do this, just click the Register Project or "Add Project" tab, and enter all the necessary details and upload the required documents. Once you do this, click on "Confirm" and proceed with the payment.

Why register with RERA?

As a real estate developer, you are legally obligated to register yourself and your projects with RERA. Doing so can help you:

  • Authenticate your building practices
  • File complaints to RERA for grievances
  • Secure institutional capital for projects 

Besides, with RERA in the picture, home buyer expectations from real estate developers have only risen higher. A large fraction of home buyers rely on home loans to finance their homes. So, if you have RERA-approved projects in your portfolio, you can attract potential buyers easily. 

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Final word

It is pretty clear that while you don’t need to register for RERA via a service provider, having one helps. After all, you need to register your project successfully to attract more buyers. But if you already have buyers in your pipeline, we can help aid with financing! At Tata Capital, we provide flexible housing loans at competitive home loan interest rates. Just fulfil our eligibility conditions, and we'll quote you a loan offer.

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