The Indian Government passed the RERA Act in May 2016 to regulate the real estate sector. The act established RERA – Real Estate Regulatory Authority for different states across the country.

The Maharashtra Real Estate Regulatory Authority (MahaRERA) is the governing authority for real estate in Maharashtra. The introduction of a regulatory authority in the sector has streamlined procedures and revived buyers’ interest in the market. The act makes it mandatory for all ongoing commercial and residential projects to be registered under Maharashtra RERA.

Who needs to register under MahaRERA?

  • The developers or promoters need to be registered and compliant with MahaRERA to sell, book or advertise their projects.
  • The real estate agents are also required to register themselves under RERA and ensure full disclosure of information.
  • Citizens and complainants can also register themselves to file a complaint.

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Steps for registration

To register yourself, you can log on to the MahaRERA  website and follow the following steps:

Step 1. On the website, click on the tab that says “online application”. On clicking on this option, a new tab will open.

Step 2. Below the “login” button, you will find a “new registration” link. Click on it to proceed further. A

Step 3. A “Create New Account” dialogue box will appear. Select “promoter” if you are a promoter. Likewise for agents and complainants.

Step 4. Enter a username and password of your choice. Fill in all the information asked and click on “create user”.

Step 5. A verification link will be sent to the email address you provided in the above step. Open the link in your inbox and confirm your email address.

Step 6. Login to your account from the MahaRERA website using your username and password. You will see your profile where you need to enter details.

Step 7. Complete your promoter’s profile with the following information. Skip to the next step if you are an agent.

  • Information type – ‘Individual’ or ‘Other than individual’
  • Experience details of the last five years.
  • Project details – ongoing/new
  • Building details
  • Common areas and facilities
  • Project cost
  • Upload documents required for the project.
  • Add Project Professional Details such as data about the agent, contractor, etc.
  • Litigations related to the project
  • Activity details of the building

Step 8. If you are an agent, you will need to fill the following information:

  • Information type – ‘Individual’ or ‘Other than individual’
  • Experience details of the projects in the last five years.
  • Add branch office details
  • Litigations related to the project
  • Registration Details if the agent has registration in more than one state.
  • Upload documents about yourself as asked

Step 9. You will need to pay the fees online after uploading the documents.

Step 10. Submit the hard copies of the following documents within 3 working days to the concerned office:

  • Fee Receipt
  • Application Documents
  • 2 CDs with high-resolution files as uploaded
  • Email acknowledgement printout
  • RERA Portal Application Submission printout

This completes your registration.

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