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Eco-friendly House – Facts and Myths

Eco-friendly House – Facts and Myths

The “Sustainable Living” trend has been on quite the rise these past few years. From driving electric vehicles to installing solar panels, many people have been making minor changes to their lifestyles for the better of the environment.

Some have even gone the extra mile and invested in a full-fledged eco-friendly home. Are you too looking to follow in their footsteps? Well, for one thing, it’s a pretty big consideration and one which requires comprehensive research to ensure you’re investing right.

Sadly, the internet is filled with misinformation and myths regarding green homes. To aid you in your research, here are some of the common green home myths accompanied by eco-friendly home facts.

Myth: Green houses are pretty expensive

Fact: It is widely believed that green houses are 10-20% more expensive than regular houses. However, that’s not true. Though installing solar panels, hypo-thermal insulation and glasses, along with other sustainable technologies can bump up the price, it’s not as significant as myths usually advertise. At most, it’ll cost you an extra 10%.

Moreover, the myth doesn’t factor in the costs you’ll save on over time. For instance, with solar panels and solar heaters, you’d save a ton on both electricity and other utility bills. Lastly, wider adoption and greater demand for these technologies will eventually bring their price down as well and a home loan for these eco-friendly homes will also seem feasible.

Myth: Eco-friendly houses lack aesthetics

Fact: It’s often believed that while constructing green houses, the focus is more on the sustainable aspect and less on the aesthetics. Well, you can take one look at Delhi’s ITC Green Centre and know that this claim is a myth. It’s one of India’s most aesthetic corporate offices, with an impressive red façade, wide roads, and sprawling gardens.

Also, it’s not a one-hit-wonder. The Pearl River Tower of Guangzhou, China and Bank of America, New York are other green buildings with structures that’ll leave you gaping in awe.

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Myth: Green homes yield green returns

Fact: The trend of green homes is currently too new in the real estate industry to know much about value appreciation. It really depends on the future buying sentiments of home buyers and the sale of the current green properties in the market.

However, government policies are increasingly pushing for more green architecture – electric vehicles, new technologies, green homes. So, it’s safe to say that green will become the norm in the coming years, tipping the buyer sentiment in favour of green houses.

In a nutshell, green properties do have the potential to appreciate much faster than regular properties in the future.

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In summary

Now that you know of the myths surrounding eco-friendly properties, you can make an informed decision and start living a sustainable life.

Itching to go green but can’t afford green properties? Well, Tata Capital is here to help you embrace sustainability with our convenient and affordable home loans, which come with easy home loan eligibility, fast processing times, and flexible repayment tenure.

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