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Tata Capital > Blog > Loan for Education > How to Study Abroad after Graduation from India?

Loan for Education

How to Study Abroad after Graduation from India?

How to Study Abroad after Graduation from India?

Getting a specialised degree from a reputed foreign university is a wise career move. After all, how else can you access high-quality education and research facilities? And, at the same time, gain a competitive advantage in the job market over your peers. But finding a suitable college can seem like a complicated process.

Wondering how to study abroad after graduation from India? Follow these steps.

Research about the course

Consider your qualifications, your future goals, and employment prospects when looking for courses.

While the internet is a great place to start your research, you can also decide whichcourse tostudy abroad after graduation from Indiaby reaching out to your peer network and getting a more rounded perspective.

Select the right university program and education loan

Once you have decided on a course, you must choose an appropriate university program to help you master it. Keep in mind, different universities often have various course structures, syllabi, and teaching methods. So, choose the one that is most suitable for you.

At this stage, you can even look at the university course fee to decide if you want to join the course. If you think studying abroad will put a dent in your savings, consider getting a loan and look at possible options. These days many lenders offer them at affordable personal loan interest rates too.

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Start applying

Next, start applying to university courses. If you want to increase your acceptance rate, you must ensure that your application is duly filled and has all the required attachments. Some universities may even require you to clear English proficiency tests like GRE or IELTS before applying. So make sure you know the application requirements for your university in advance to enjoy a hassle-free form filling process.

Wait for approval

Most foreign universities take anywhere between a few weeks to several months before they are fully processed. However, once approved, universities will send you a letter of acceptance. Once you get your admission letter, do a last check for hidden clauses or stipulations. This goes a long way in avoiding any unwanted surprises.

Student visa

Upon accepting the university offer letter, start applying for a student visa as soon as possible. Why? Because the visa application process is often and it may take up to several months to fulfil all the visa formalities, given applications are complicated. That said, you can always ask your career counsellor to help you with it.

Figuring out finances

It is no secret that studying abroad requires significant amounts of money, given you need to cover academic tuition, living and a range of additional expenses. However, that doesn’t mean you cannot study abroad with limited finances. Because you can get a personal loan to help you out. These loans can reduce your immediate financial worries, and the best part? They have easy to meet personal loan eligibility criteria as well.

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