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Tata Capital > Blog > Loan for Education > Guide for Your Scholarship Hunt for Abroad Study in 2023

Loan for Education

Guide for Your Scholarship Hunt for Abroad Study in 2023

Guide for Your Scholarship Hunt for Abroad Study in 2023

Studying abroad is an aspiration for many Indian students. But the tuition fee, travelling charges, and the cost of living often lead to large expenses for education. That’s why many students opt for an education loan to finance their academic dreams.

However, for overseas education, candidates also rely on scholarships to fund their education. These scholarships can be need-based, subject-oriented, or depend on academic, athletic, or artistic merit. In this article, we will guide you on how to hunt for higher studies scholarships to study overseas.

Enquire with your university

Your university can be a great first step in your quest to secure a scholarship. They have all the necessary information on the scholarships their students and alumni have secured. Contact the university’s study abroad office, talk to professors, seniors and your adviser.

Do your research

The ultimate answer to the question ‘how to get a scholarship abroad’ is research. Many scholarships reject a student’s application, not because of their academic profile but because they have applied to the wrong scholarship. There are many types of scholarships, based on location, degree, subject-specific, university-specific, minority status, academic record, etc. Conducting thorough research before applying will save you time and effort and increase your chances of landing a lucrative scholarship.

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Clarify all your doubts

If you have any doubts regarding the application process, do not hesitate to contact the scholarship provider. By doing this, you will receive the correct information, and the institution might take note of your seriousness. Moreover, clarifying your doubts in the initial stage is better than being rejected due to a technicality.

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Prepare your documents

Most scholarships have a straightforward application process and require a similar set of documents. Before you begin, prepare all your necessary documents such as your academic records, cover letter formats, recommendation letters, and the university offer letter. It will speed up your application process.

Create a calendar to keep track

In the course of your research, you will come across numerous potential scholarships. Applying to them will take a considerable amount of patience and time. Maintain a calendar or a to-do list to keep track of all your applications. Clearly mark the last date of application, documents required, and response time. Staying organised will help you be on top of things and streamline the process.

Parting thoughts

We hope that this article will prove helpful in your abroad scholarship search. Much like your university admission, the rejections do not matter; only acceptances do. However, not receiving a full scholarship need not be the end. You can check out other avenues like education loan to finance your academics.

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