Are you facing the dilemma to decide whether to study in India or abroad? You are not alone as many students face the same question.

Studying in India offers you the comfort of not leaving your family and friends. On the other hand, the international exposure, amazing opportunities, and career benefits, of a foreign degree are tempting.

Here are five reasons why you should choose to study in a foreign university.

  • Global outlook

When you study at an international university, you enjoy the exposure to a new country and culture. Although you may feel homesick initially, you will get the opportunity to become a responsible and independent person. You also get the chance to meet people from different countries and gain an understanding of their lifestyles and culture. The global exposure and outlook will help shape your life.

  • Education quality

There is a higher level of education and academic challenges for students in foreign universities. Learning is application based thus there is more understanding of the subject matter. The fees and other expenses for pursuing an international education are high so you may consider availing of an education loan to fund the same.

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  • Career advantages

A degree from a prestigious foreign university has more value in the job market. You may also take advantage of career opportunities offered in the foreign country after completing your course. In addition, you will probably receive a higher pay package which will help you repay the outstanding personal loan or other debt obligations.

  • Scholarships

An international university offers you the option of getting several scholarships. You will have access to scholarships offered by private companies as well as those offered by educational institutes and government bodies. You may apply for these scholarships to reduce your burden of pursuing an international degree. If you receive a scholarship, you might be able to reduce the amount you have to avail of as education loans to fund your studies.

  • Better research opportunities

It is common knowledge that research opportunities available in international universities are significantly better than those available domestically. This is an important factor for a student to consider when evaluating foreign education. Especially if the course you want to pursue is research-centric.

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Before you decide whether to study in India or abroad, you must analyze your financial situation. Whether you avail student or personal loans to fund your education, you will have to repay the amount. Pursuing an international education is not just a dream anymore. Several scholarships and loans offered by financial institutions make foreign studies a reality. It is recommended that you evaluate all the pros and cons of availing of a loan to pursue an international degree before making your choice.

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