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Tata Capital > Blog > Loan for Education > Countries to Choose for Students for Studying Abroad after COVID-19

Loan for Education

Countries to Choose for Students for Studying Abroad after COVID-19

Countries to Choose for Students for Studying Abroad after COVID-19

Did the coronavirus pandemic impact your overseas education plans? If so, then you are not alone! Hundreds of Indian students remain uncertain about what will happen to their ‘study abroad’ dream. Students face unprecedented challenges due to COVID-19 that even an education loancannot solve. However, international universities and institutions have adeptly responded to the pandemic.

When we talk of adaptive measures, we are not talking about virtual or online classes solely. Universities across the globe have taken adequate steps to meet the evolving needs of the students. We have shortlisted the best countries to study abroadthat you can turn to once the threat of coronavirus subsides.

New Zealand

We are anticipating more than usual traffic in New Zealand this academic year. Apart from being the home to the world’s top-ranking universities, the nation has been declared virus-free. It became the first country to achieve such an astonishing feat over COVID-19 when most countries succumbed to it.

The nation boasts a state-of-the-art education system that typically attracts numerous international students. And what’s more, when an education loan covers the tuition fee, you can have an affordable living as the country supports a reasonable living cost.

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This nation has always made it to the list of best countries to study abroad. It is quite a popular destination among international students, and the pandemic hasn’t changed that yet. Canadian universities are globally acclaimed and have flexible immigration policies. To top it all, they have an all-encompassing education system.

So, you must not let go of an opportunity to study in a top-ranking Canadian university such as the University of Toronto. If money decisions are binding you, then you can avail of a personal loan for education.

Even self-employed individuals can realize their international education dream with a personal loan for self-employed professionals.


As an education destination, Australia has always been dear to international students. However, today, it is not just about its world-class universities! Australian universities are one of the few who are offering reduced tuition fees to international students.

The gesture of decreasing the fee structure is a measure to support students seeking admissions within the country. So, you cannot only benefit from lucrative personal loan interest rates but also fee-waivers.

United Kingdom

The UK has consistently been the most sought-after study destinations for Indian students, and rightfully so. The institutions and universities' prompt measures in the UK have allowed students to continue their studies as usual.

Even amid the pandemic, universities in the United Kingdom, including the University of Essex, are working towards students' welfare. They are devising programmes with a blended format, which will allow them to ensure seamless conduct of education. Moreover, universities in the UK are restructuring their course curricula to align with the students’ requirements.

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In conclusion

It is commendable how universities and other educational institutions have responded to the massive disruption by COVID-19.

Besides, financial institutions like Tata Capital offer competitive interest rates on personal and study loans to aid the shortage of funds.

Our personal loan eligibility criteria are relatively straightforward to help more and more students realize their dream of quality higher education abroad.

Use our personal loan EMI calculatorand make a well-informed decision towards your bright future. Get in touch with us today to achieve all your dreams!

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