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Tata Capital > Blog > Loan for Business > Top 10 Most Profitable Business Ideas for Housewives in 2022

Loan for Business

Top 10 Most Profitable Business Ideas for Housewives in 2022

Top 10 Most Profitable Business Ideas for Housewives in 2022

If you're a housewife with a keen sense of business, why not start your own venture? Financing one through a business loan is not as big a challenge anymore as figuring out your business model. Try choosing a venture that doesn't require enormous funding, returns profits quickly, and can be managed on a small scale.

Once you've learnt the ropes, you can diversify into different verticals and expand operations. But, before you get there, it's critical to decide the nature of your business. And, this is where we can help!

10 profitable business ideas for housewives in 2022

Here are 10 lucrative business ideas to try this year:

1. E-tailing

Electronic retailing or e-tailing is a great way to sell products online. You can enlist yourself on e-commerce portals like Flipkart or Amazon, which will handle cataloguing, delivery and payments for you.

After empanelling with them, start selling apparel, home décor items, or anything else. You will, of course, need to find a wholesale supplier whose goods you can sell at a profit.

2. Tiffin services

Countless individuals living and working in cities constantly seek hygienic and healthy home-cooked food. If you can meet their demand by supplying tiffin meals for a price, you'll make substantial money.

So much so that once your business grows, you can collaborate with your house help and employ part-time cooks to cater to soaring orders. If you're worried about timely delivery of tiffin meals, you can collaborate with food delivery apps like Zomato, Swiggy, Grab, Uber Eats, etc.

3. Daycare centre

Opening a daycare centre is one of the best businesses for housewives. Why? It barely requires any investment and promises high job satisfaction. Even if your own children are small, you can start this business and let them play with other kids.

All you need to start this business is some space inside your home and someone who can cook healthy meals for the kids.

4. Salon services at home

If you know salon work, open a salon at home. Sure, there will be a startup investment here, but it's nothing a small loan can't help you with. Especially now, when business loan interest rates are lower than usual.

Make sure to spare some budget for marketing your salon and hiring additional assistance, if required.

5. App development or freelance coding

Are you a computer software engineer who doesn’t want to work with a big corporate? Well then, enlist yourself on various freelancer sites and accept outsourced work for app development or any coding work.

Once you’ve built a reservoir of clients, you can register a small company and hire a couple of developers to run a boutique coding firm.

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6. Baked goods

Do your family members love your baked goods? Then perhaps the people in your city will love them too. So, why not start an online bakery by collaborating with food delivery apps. Initially, you could start small by placing only a few selected items on the menu.

If the response is good, you can increase your menu variety and pitch your baked goods to local bakeries and confectionaries.

7. Remote assistant

Several organisations, especially small firms, hire remote assistants to help with secretarial work. These virtual assistants are usually paid per hour, day, or week and perform a range of tasks from HR duties to accounting, scheduling, and much more.

You can become a virtual assistant with one firm and slowly work for different clients depending on your skill and bandwidth.

8. Boutique and tailoring

Why let your fashion sense go to waste? Even if you're not good at pattern cutting or tailoring, hire a tailor who can bring your fashion sketches and illustrations to life.

Start a home boutique and also offer bespoke stitching services to your customers. The setup for a small boutique will claim some space at your home.

9. Event planning

Many people lack the time and expertise to plan an event well. If you're not one of those people, start an event planning business. Begin by planning smaller events, and then you can move on to corporate parties and eventually weddings.

The best way to get clientele for this business is by networking and collaborating with caterers, photographers, DJs and decorators.

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10. Freelance blogger

If you have a flair for writing, consider professional blogging. You can do this while sitting at home. Now, you can either start your own blog or write promotional blogs for content marketing companies.

All you require to succeed in this field is a penchant for writing and a solid command over whichever language you wish to blog in.

Over to you

Have a business idea but don't have starter funds? Fret not! Apply for a loan for your business at Tata Capital. We offer business finance at tempting interest rates, flexible repayment terms, and in exchange for minimal documentation.

So, why wait? Check our eligibility criteria, use our online business loan EMI calculator and start your application with us today!

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