The hatchback vs sedan vs SUV debate still rages on, with many detractors and supporters on all sides. Sedans are stylish and a symbol of wealth and status, SUVs symbolize a sporty, adventurous outlook, while hatchbacks are compact and a practical person’s treasure, perfect for the logjam that is Indian roads. If you’re planning to buy used cars, which makes for the best bet? Let’s find out.


The Pros

  1. Nothing screams practicality like a hatchback. Its compact build makes it perfect for maneuvering crammed roads and parking in tight spaces. The rear seats can be folded down completely or in a 60:40 ratio to increase the trunk space and allow the storage of more luggage.
  2. Hatchbacks are beautifully designed, offering all the grandeur of classic station wagons with none of its clumsiness. They come in all sorts of dashing colors and sleek looks.
  3. Resale value is high, as they are a lot more durable.
  4. Hatchbacks are typically more fuel-efficient than sedans and SUVs.

The Cons

  1. The trunk is directly joined to the rear seats, and the rear window gives a clear view into the back seats. This seems like an invasion of privacy to many.
  2. They are just not as classy as sedans.
  3. They are not as powerful as SUVs as they are only two-wheel drives.
  4. Not very spacious interiors, though that’s changing now.


The Pros

  1. More fuel-efficient than SUVs.
  2. They have spacious interiors and allow five well-built adults to sit comfortably without squishing each other.
  3. They have the best safety and security features among all three types of cars.
  4. The insurance premium is much lower.

The Cons

  1. Less fuel-efficient than hatchbacks.
  2. Bad for urban settings, as the size inhibits maneuverability and also necessitates large parking spaces, which are quite rare in Indian cities.
  3. Less spacious than an SUV.


The Pros

  1. Very, very roomy. It can fit six to seven adults quite comfortably.
  2. Perfect for off-road driving, driving on untarred roads, potholes, mud and rural roads due to its powerful engine and four-wheel drive.
  3. Easier to drive this type of vehicle in inclement weather like rain or snow.

The Cons

  1. Not fuel-efficient at all.
  2. Emits the most pollution.

The winner, quite plainly, is the hatchback. It is the most practical option for Indian urban settings and is stylish as well. Due to its superior durability and higher resale value, it is also an ideal purchase as a second-hand car.

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