The Indian Prime Minister’s televised address to the nation on 12 May 2020 included a financial package of Rs 20 lakh crore to revive India’s stalled economy on account of COVID-19. Simultaneously, the package intended to kick start a process towards making India self-reliant. Besides the financial stimulus, the PM spoke about the importance of India as a huge local market and how India has the potential to take its local products global.     

As a part of the speech the PM emphasized the need for India to recognize the importance of local manufacturing, local markets and local supply chains. He said that COVID-19 taught India the importance of being local. He said, “All our demands during the crisis were met locally. Now, it is time to be ‘vocal about local’ products and help them become global.”

The PM felt that leading brands of the world were once local brands and they became global brands when local people started buying and using them. They branded them and then felt proud of them and started promoting them. They were the catalysts to make them global brands from local brands.

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The PM said that the world has appreciated India’s production of life saving drugs and this should make all Indians proud. The PM felt that COVID-19 crisis has given an impetus to local products as during the present crisis it is the local people who have fulfilled the demand saving India from duress. He says that the people making local products need support and it is every Indian’s responsibility to buy local products. He coined a new slogan ‘vocal for local’ which means to not only buy local products but be vocal about promoting them proudly. He wants Indians to make local the mantra of their lives.   

Vocal For Local India

The PM recalled the response of people when he had given a call for them to buy khadi to support the handloom workers. He said that people responded well judging by the record level of sales achieved by khadi and handloom products in a very short period of time. He felt that the support Indians gave for the local products created big brand out of khadi.

The PM said that his reverence for every Indian who has responded to the call for going local has increased and he is confident that Indians will proudly buy local products and promote them to the global community. He said that he has full confidence that all Indians will do their small part in making India products a household name all across the world.

The PM rightly feels that if Indians adopt the ‘local ke liye vocal’ mantra then many Indian products can become truly global. So, let’s do our part in buying and promoting local products and make India self-reliant.

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