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Tata Capital > Blog > COVID-19 > Finance Solutions > Here are some Investment Tips by Experts for Post-pandemic World

Finance Solutions

Here are some Investment Tips by Experts for Post-pandemic World

Here are some Investment Tips by Experts for Post-pandemic World

Since December last year, the coronavirus has been making the world fragmented, weak, and panicked. Death tolls in even the most medically advanced countries are steadily rising. Since vaccines are still under development to fight against this deadly pandemic, coronavirus lockdowns seem to be the only solution governments can come up with.

India, home to 1.3 billion people, has been shut for almost two months now, except for a few cities. Even though the COVID-19 pandemic is a healthcare crisis, many experts are comparing its economic impacts to the 2008 financial crisis and the Great Depression. In such times, growth projections for leading industries and financial sectors are showing a downward curve.

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However, once this crisis subsides and India gradually lifts its coronavirus lockdown, you must prepare to regain your financial footing. Therefore, as markets reopen, you must know of a profitable place to park your funds.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Investing After the COVID-19 Pandemic

Given these tough times, you might be wary and confused about investing your savings. Don’t fret! Here is some expert advice about market investments once coronavirus in India ends.

1. Stay Away From the Stock Market

Usually, an attractive investment opportunity, the stock market is a risky place to put your money right after the pandemic. Almost every political, social, and fiscal change or news affects the market. As the coronavirus in India is already harassing your previous investments, try to stay away from the stock market in upcoming months.

2. Try Commodity Trading

One of the busiest places to trade in, commodity markets include traders investing in everything from grains and oil to gold and precious metals. While one significant way to engage in commodity trading is investing in stocks of companies that are related to the thing you are interested in, it is still a risky method, especially amidst COVID-19 in India.

The best way to engage in commodity trading is to purchase actual assets and have a broker hold them until you wish to sell them. The risk involved in such investments is minimal, and the liquidity and volatility are high.

3. Invest in Forex

Forex trading is undoubtedly one of the most preferred and attractive investment markets for amateurs and professional investors alike. This market sees trades of billions of dollars every day and is mostly uncomplicated. Since forex trading does not require an extensive stock portfolio, almost anyone can engage in the market with the help of an online broker. But, be sure to keep a vigilant eye on currency values and invest as soon as the coronavirus lockdown solutions relax market restrictions. The tips mentioned above will guide you and your finances in these unprecedented times. No matter how attractive an investment opportunity seems, understand your capabilities, options, and liquidity details. Hopefully, coronavirus lockdown solutions advocated by governments and institutions will ease investment possibilities very soon after the COVID-19 in India ends.

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