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Disclaimer: The aforementioned values, calculations and results are for illustrative and informational purposes only and may vary basis various parameters laid down by Tata Capital.

What is a Tata Capital Loan Against Property EMI Calculator?

Worried about loan EMIs disturbing your monthly budget? Then Tata Capitals Loan Against Property EMI Calculator is just for you. You can calculate how much your loan repayments might be before you even apply for one! All you have to do is use an EMI calculator for loan against property.

An EMI calculator for loan against property helps you calculate your potential EMIs, interest payable, and the total amount of the loan. 


Tata Capital's Loan Against Property EMI calculator will give you an estimated figure for the total monthly instalment payments along with the complete breakup of the repayment process. You can adjust the principal amount in the loan against property calculator to find a value that works for you. You can now strategize your repayment schedule in advance with the help of our EMI calculator for loan against property.

How to calculate your EMI using an EMI calculator for LAP?

Our loan against property calculator will help you calculate your potential EMIs instantly. All you have to do is enter the following details in the LAP loan EMI calculator-

  • Loan Against Property Loan Amount- Enter the loan amount in the LAP loan EMI calculator.

  • Interest Rate- Interest rate starts from 10.10%. But you can adjust the rate of interest in the loan against property EMI calculator. 

  • Loan Tenure- Next step in the EMI calculator for loan against property is entering your desired loan tenure. Tata Capital offers you maximum tenure of 20 years to repay your loan.

  • Click the Calculate button at the bottom of the loan against property EMI calculator. The system shows your EMI monthly break-up of both the interest and principal payment.

  • If the Loan Against Property EMI calculator result is higher or lower than you want to pay, edit the principal amount and follow the same steps from 2 to 4.

Benefits of a Loan Against Property EMI Calculator

A loan against property calculator is an excellent tool to calculate your potential EMIs instantly. With a LAP loan EMI calculator, you can perform complex calculations quickly. Here are some other features of Tata Capital's EMI calculator for loan against property-

  • Quick- Use our loan against property calculator and say goodbye to time-consuming manual calculations.

  • Accurate- Generate error-free results with our EMI calculator for LAP.

  • Free- Use our loan against property EMI calculator for free as many times as you want.

  • Easy-to-use- Our EMI calculator for LAP is easy to use. Just enter the details and get the results.

  • Multiple combinations- Use our loan against property calculator to try multiple combinations of the principal amount, tenure, and interest rate to get an EMI that fits your requirements.

  • 24*7 access- You can access our EMI calculator for LAP to generate potential EMIs whenever you want.

How Does a Loan Against Property Calculator Work?

A loan against property EMI calculator requires you to enter details like the loan principal, preferred interest rate, and repayment duration. After this, the EMI calculator for LAP uses a formula to calculate your potential EMIs.

EMI= [P x R (1+R) N]/ [ (1+R) N-1]

P is the principal loan amount
R is the rate of interest
N is the number of instalments

Calculating this value manually can be time-consuming. But with a loan against property calculator, you will get instant results.

What Are the Minimum and Maximum Values for Tata Capital’s  Loan Against Property EMI Calculator?

Tata Capital offers LAP loans from Rs. 5 lakhs up to Rs. 5 crores. These are the minimum and maximum values you can enter while using our loan against property EMI calculator. Similarly, our EMI calculator for loan against property tenure ranges from 12 months up to 20 years. Tata Capital's LAP loan interest rates start from 10.10%. But you can enter a maximum of 15% in the loan against property EMI calculator to calculate your EMIs.

Our loan against property calculator will help you find the best deal that suits your budget and requirements. Use our EMI calculator for LAP to find a value now.


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