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Circle rate details for Delhi

In the bustling city of Delhi, the real estate market is constantly evolving, with property transactions taking place at a rapid pace. One crucial factor that plays a significant role in these transactions is the Circle Rate. The Circle Rate is the minimum value at which a property can be registered in the government records. It is determined by the state government and is used to calculate various charges and taxes associated with property transactions. In this article, we will delve into the intricacies of Circle Rate in Delhi and explore its impact on real estate and property transactions.

Current Circle Rate List in New Delhi 2024

The current circle rates in New Delhi in 2024 are as follows-

Circle Rates in New Delhi for Commercial and Residential Plots in 2024

Circle Rates in New Delhi vary depending on the type of property. Commercial and residential plots, being distinct in nature, have different Circle Rates assigned to them. Commercial properties, such as shops, offices, and business establishments, generally have higher Circle Rates compared to residential properties. This difference is primarily due to the income-generating potential of commercial properties and the higher demand for such spaces in prime locations. Residential properties, on the other hand, are valued based on factors such as location, amenities, and infrastructure. The Circle Rates for residential plots are typically lower than those for commercial plots, reflecting the different usage and market dynamics.

The circle rates for commercial and residential plots are as below:

A Rs. 7.74 lakh Rs. 21,960 Rs. 25,200
B Rs. 2.46 lakh Rs. 17,400 Rs. 19,920
C Rs. 1.6 lakh Rs. 13,920 Rs. 15,960
D Rs. 1.28 lakh Rs. 11,160 Rs. 12,840
E Rs. 70,080 Rs. 9,360 Rs. 10,800
F Rs. 56,640 Rs. 8,220 Rs. 9,480
G Rs. 46,200 Rs. 6,960 Rs. 8,040
H Rs. 23,280 Rs. 3,480 Rs. 3,960

Circle Rates for Agricultural Land in New Delhi

Agricultural land holds a unique position in the real estate market, and the Circle Rates assigned to such land reflect this distinction. Agricultural land in New Delhi is subject to specific regulations, with Circle Rates determined based on factors such as the fertility of the soil, accessibility, irrigation facilities, and proximity to urban areas. The Circle Rates for agricultural land are generally lower than those for residential or commercial properties. This lower rate acknowledges the primary purpose of agricultural land and the limitations on its usage for non-agricultural activities. It is important for individuals interested in agricultural land transactions to be aware of the specific Circle Rates applicable to such properties.

The circle rates are as below-

South Rs. 5 crores Rs. 5 crores Rs. 5 crores
North Rs. 3 crores Rs. 3 crores Rs. 3 crores
West Rs. 3 crores Rs. 3 crores Rs. 3 crores
North-West Rs. 3 crores Rs. 3 crores Rs. 3 crores
South-West Rs. 3 crores Rs. 4 crores Rs. 3 crores
New Delhi Rs. 5 crores Rs. 5 crores Rs. 5 crores
Central NA Rs. 2.5 crores Rs. 2.5 crores
South-East NA Rs. 4 crores Rs. 2.5 crores
Shahdara Rs. 2.3 crores Rs. 2.3 crores Rs. 2.3 crores
North-East NA Rs. 2.3 crores Rs. 2.3 crores
East NA Rs. 2.3 crores Rs. 2.3 crores

Circle Rates in Delhi According to Age Factor

Pre 1960 0.5
1960-69 0.6
1970-79 0.7
1980-89 0.8
1990-99 0.9
2000 onwards 1.0

How to calculate property value in Delhi using Circle Rate for stamp duty payment

Calculating the value of a property in Delhi using the Circle Rate is a crucial step in determining stamp duty payment. Stamp duty is a significant expense incurred during property transactions, and it is calculated based on the property value, as determined by the Circle Rate. To calculate the property value, one can use a simple formula:

Property Value = Circle Rate per square foot/meter * Total built-up area of the property

By multiplying the Circle Rate per square foot/meter with the total built-up area of the property, you can arrive at the estimated property value. This value is then used to calculate the stamp duty payable, which is a percentage of the property value. It is important to note that the Circle Rate used for stamp duty calculation may vary depending on the property type (residential, commercial, agricultural) and other factors. It is advisable to consult the relevant authorities or a professional real estate consultant to ensure accurate calculations and compliance with the prevailing regulations.

Formula for calculating Property Value

The formula for calculating property value using the circle rate for New Delhi is-

Property Value = Circle Rate per square foot/meter * Total built-up area of the property

What does Circle Rate in Delhi depend upon?

The Circle Rate in Delhi is influenced by several factors that are taken into consideration by the authorities. One of the primary factors is the location of the property. Properties in prime locations with excellent connectivity, proximity to amenities, and developed infrastructure tend to have higher Circle Rates compared to properties in less developed areas. Additionally, the size and dimensions of the property also play a role in determining the Circle Rate. Larger properties with more built-up area are generally assigned higher rates. Other factors that can influence Circle Rates include the type of property (residential, commercial, agricultural), availability of basic amenities, demand-supply dynamics, and market conditions.

Another crucial factor that impacts Circle Rates is the age of the property. Older properties are often associated with lower Circle Rates due to depreciation and wear and tear over time. On the other hand, newly constructed properties or those with modern amenities and facilities may attract higher Circle Rates. The age factor helps in distinguishing the value of properties based on their condition and overall market demand.

Age factor and its impact on Circle Rates in Delhi

As mentioned earlier, the age factor plays a crucial role in determining Circle Rates in Delhi. The age of a property can significantly impact its value and market demand. Older properties may have lower Circle Rates due to factors such as depreciation, outdated infrastructure, and the need for renovations or repairs. On the other hand, newer properties or those with modern amenities and facilities may command higher Circle Rates. The age factor helps in distinguishing the value of properties based on their condition, potential for appreciation, and overall market demand. Buyers and sellers must take into account the age factor when assessing the Circle Rate of a property to ensure a fair and accurate valuation.

Understanding the significance of Circle Rate in Delhi for real estate transactions

The Circle Rate plays a vital role in real estate transactions in Delhi. It serves as a benchmark for property valuation and helps prevent undervaluation or underreporting of property prices during transactions. By setting a minimum value for properties, the government ensures that buyers and sellers cannot manipulate the transaction value to evade taxes or fees. The Circle Rate also serves as the basis for calculating stamp duty and registration charges, which are essential components of property transactions. Moreover, financial institutions use the Circle Rate as a reference to determine the home loan eligibility and maximum loan amount they can offer to borrowers.

Disclaimer: The rates can vary at the discretion of the state government. Kindly check the official website for existing rates.

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