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Tata Capital > Blog > What’s Trending > Where to Get Checked for Coronavirus in Mumbai?


Where to Get Checked for Coronavirus in Mumbai?

Where to Get Checked for Coronavirus in Mumbai?

The coronavirus scare has reached Mumbai, and two persons in the city have tested positive on March 11, 2020. As a measure to contain the spread of this disease, 52 test centers have been made functional across India, of which one laboratory is in Mumbai. It is crucial to know where you can get coronavirus testing done if you show symptoms so that you can get timely medical care. 

Testing centers for corona virus in Mumbai

Tests for confirming COVID-19 can be carried out only in specialized laboratories that have received certification to conduct the test. In Mumbai, Kasturba Hospital at Chinchpokli is the site for testing coronavirus infection. The hospital has set up 28 beds as a quarantine facility especially for coronavirus patients and is ready to accommodate more beds. The facility is equipped to tackle the highly contagious disease with 4,900 personal protective gear and around 3000 N95 masks. Other coronavirus test centers in Maharashtra include Indira Gandhi Government Medical College, situated at Nagpur and the Pune based National Institute of Virology (NIV). 

Coronovirus Mumbai

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Isolation facilities for COVID-19 patients in Mumbai

The Integrated Disease Surveillance Programme of the Public Health Department of Maharashtra stated that all district hospitals and government colleges are ready with isolation wards for patients suspected of coronavirus in Mumbai. Isolation facilities are also available at:

  • Bhabha in Bandra and Kurla
  • HBT Trauma Care in Jogeshwari
  • Rajawadi in Ghatkopar
Coronavirus Checkup Mumbai

How do the coronavirus test centers detect the novel viral strain? 

The lab collects a respiratory or blood specimen from the suspected patient.

  • Cotton swabs: A special cotton swab is used to collect samples from the interior of the patient’s nose or throat
  • Aspirate from the nose: A saline solution is injected into the nose, and then gently suctioned out
  • Sample taken from trachea: A thin tube with a light, called a bronchoscope, is introduced inside the lungs to take out an aspirate
  • Sputum: Mucus coughed out from the lungs with sputum is collected
  • Blood test: A blood sample is collected from the person showing coronavirus symptoms

The World Health Organization has instructed laboratories to carry out the highly sensitive RT-PCR analysis on blood or respiratory samples to detect genes of the COVID-19 virus. The presence of the viral gene sequence is the definite confirmation of infection and criteria for hospitalization. In India, nasal or throat swabs are mainly being used for the tests, and 12-24 hours are needed for confirmation.  

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What are the measures being taken at Mumbai to prevent the further spread of the disease?

A few days before the recently reported cases in Mumbai, two people had tested positive in Pune. All of the people involved belong to the same tour group that had traveled to Dubai recently. To detect if other people who came in contact with those patients are carrying the virus, the Integrated Disease Surveillance Programme of the Public Health Department, Maharashtra, is carrying out contact tracing activity on an urgent basis. The Programme has also issued statements claiming that all travelers arriving from international destinations are being screened at the airports in Nagpur, Pune, and Mumbai.

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