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Tata Capital > Blog > Term Loan > The PQRST of what will set a business apart in 2022

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The PQRST of what will set a business apart in 2022

The PQRST of what will set a business apart in 2022

For businesses, 2022 comes with many expectations after unprecedented crises and unplanned financial and supply chain disruptions over the last two years. Companies have many goals to direct limited resources towards improving processes, sales, and profitability.

Even though it is helpful to have short and long-term goals in place, what is equally or more important is to strategize and invest in resources to help achieve those goals. Irrespective of the scale and nature of your business, you can rule in 2022 by putting the PQRST module in place.

Here’s the PQRST of business that will set you apart in 2022:


Human resources have an essential role to play in every company’s progress, more so in today’s dynamically evolving, fast-paced market scenario. It is crucial to hire the right people based on a hiring module aligned with the company values and accurately assess cultural and skill-based fit. When employees start sharing the business vision, they want to upskill, get more productive and ultimately improve their on-the-job performance.

Additionally, companies must focus on retaining and engaging their current workforce. Attrition incurs a high cost of hiring replacements and retraining, which drains the resources of any enterprise. In today’s competitive times, entrepreneurs must focus on engaging employees, building a sense of loyalty, and establishing personalised rapport to feel like they belong with the organisation.


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Quality products and services lead to steady revenues and profits. In a world where markets are saturated with similar offerings and several competitors, consistently focusing on quality products and services can help businesses set themselves apart in 2022.

Businesses that achieve the highest quality standards can overcome risks, meet compliance requirements, and ensure improved productivity and performance. With enhanced quality, companies can offer a better customer experience and satisfaction.

In 2022, businesses should focus on documenting standard operating processes (SOPs), strengthening processes to spot quality gaps, and developing comprehensive frameworks to resolve customer issues and eliminate reoccurrences.


Business reputation is crucial as it offers an organisation a competitive edge. As an intangible asset, a company’s reputation and market standing can make or break a business.

Reputation is derived from stakeholder experiences, business news that is doing the rounds, social media interactions, and facts readily available in the public domain. An ideal business unit is reliable, responsible, credible, trustworthy, and customer-centric.

Businesses can improve their reputation game in 2022 by adopting transparency in their work by being more open about their offerings, speaking clearly of their numbers and having honest conversations with stakeholders across platforms.


“It takes months to find a customer, but only seconds to lose one” ~ Vince Lombardi.

Exceptional customer service is of paramount importance today to earn customer trust and loyalty. Moreover, constant positive testimonials and reviews will help businesses acquire new customers quickly and cost-effectively.

In 2022, businesses can revamp their customer service by reducing response time, improving grievance mechanisms, strengthening communications, and creating more opportunities for two-way conversations with their loyal customers.

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The year 2022 will see technology augmenting business operations in the marketplace. With cloud storage, artificial intelligence, and machine learning transforming business operations, the upcoming year will see businesses going digital across functions and industries.

Such upgrades would help streamline business operations and aid with timely decision-making. Likewise, businesses backed by technology can widen their reach and serve larger markets seamlessly.

Digital transformation and leveraging AI and ML technologies will reduce human intervention and speed up internal processes. In 2022, technology will continue to be a growth multiplier for all businesses.

Transform Ideas into a Fulfilling Reality

Setting the business apart in 2022 is doable as long as companies effectively convey their brand story and outdo rivals in strategizing and executing plans.

A revolutionary recipe here is to bring the best of the PQRST module to start achieving business objectives. Undoubtedly, companies will need working capital and long-term funds to invest in implementing the PQRST framework. Reach out to representatives at Tata Capital Corporate to identify the most suited funding solution to fulfil your financing needs in 2022.

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