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Tata Capital > Blog > Shubh Chintak > Keeping in Touch: Why Updating Your Contact Details Matters?

Shubh Chintak

Keeping in Touch: Why Updating Your Contact Details Matters?

Keeping in Touch: Why Updating Your Contact Details Matters?

What would you do if you got yourself a new phone number? You would drop a message to your relatives, friends, and colleagues to inform them about the change. The same goes for an address change; you would immediately notify your loved ones about your new location.

However, many individuals tend to forget to update their associated financial institutions about this development. Keeping your contact details duly updated with your financial institution is more important than you might think. From enhancing your security to ensuring the efficiency of your digital financial services, updated contact info helps with it all.

At Tata Capital, we value our connection with our customers. To maintain seamless communication, keep you updated and continue providing you with the highest quality of service, it is vital for us to have your updated contact details.

Keep reading to understand how up-to-date contact information can help significantly improve your experience.  

1. Streamlined Transaction Experience

When you register with a particular financial institution, you are asked to provide accurate contact information, including your phone number, email ID, and address. By adding these crucial pieces of information to your profile, you are essentially improving your own experience.

The next time you transfer funds or even set up an automatic payment mandate, these details help simplify the process. Instead of manually inputting your details repeatedly, your information is seamlessly inputted wherever required. This ensures that less time is spent on confirmations and verifications and more time is spent enjoying the convenience of efficient financial services. Incorrect details can cause you inconvenience by way of mandate rejections and more.

2. Seamless Digital Service

Back in the day, availing of a service as trivial as passbook updating took a long time. You had to take a trip down to your local branch and spend the entire day suffering from the cumbersome and slow process.

The digitalisation of financial services has undoubtedly sped things up. Now, even time-consuming processes, like loan applications, can be done from the comfort of your home within just a few minutes. Updated contact information ensures no hindrances in availing of these services. If you are registered with your up-to-date contact details, you can easily skip the account verification process and seamlessly access your desired financial services. 

3. Easier Account Management

Leading NBFCs, like Tata Capital, offer users an online web portal or mobile app to streamline access to financial services. However, logging in to these retail portals requires inputting your registered contact details and gaining access through a high-security one-time password.

You can access these platforms easily if you have registered with accurate and current contact info. With these portals, you can not only track any ongoing loans and insurance but will also be able to manage your account details or seek immediate assistance whenever required.

4. Timely Alerts and Notifications

As a vigilant customer, you need to stay informed about all your account-related activities. Whether it involves routine transaction alerts or identifying potentially fraudulent activities, being in the loop empowers you to make prompt decisions whenever required.

This underscores the importance of updating your contact details with your financial institutions. Up-to-date contact information ensures that your associated financial institution can efficiently communicate any transaction details, alerts on suspicious activities, or convey critical account-related reforms. Without this direct line of communication, you risk overlooking vital changes or even falling prey to financial fraud.

5. Enhanced Security

Phishing scams in India are at large. According to sources, around 30 crore Indians are vulnerable to sketchy phishing attacks, of which an astounding 5 lakh individuals fall prey to such financial scams. Updated contact details can help us fortify your defences.

Firstly, updated details allow financial companies to send time-bound high-security passwords before authorising any transaction. Moreover, if the fraudster somehow manages to pass through that level of security, you are sent prompt alerts informing you of security breach.

6. Improved Customer Service

Top institutions such as Tata Capital are committed to enhancing the customer experience. We strive to address each of your queries and provide information that will be most beneficial to you.

However, this goal remains incomplete if you do not update your latest contact information. Without such details, customer representatives cannot quickly access your account information, understand your financial history, and provide tailored solutions. Ultimately, this will increase the overall time spent on verification and put a dent in your experience.

7. Strengthened Connection

Lastly, up-to-date contact details ensure you maintain a strong relationship with your financial institution. This two-way communication channel allows us to easily share updates about new services, special offers, or changes in account terms with you. Conversely, it empowers you to contact the financial institution to stop fraudulent activity, seek service assistance, or clarify any related queries.

Ultimately, this ensures that you make the most of what your financial institution has to offer and foster a stronger, more informed relationship with your financial institution.

How to Update Your Contact Details?

Updating your contact details with Tata Capital has always been a swift and easy process. You can reach out to your nearest Tata Capital office, fill out the customer information update form, and have your details updated within a few days.

However, owing to the improved digitalisation of financial services, you now also have the power to seamlessly update your contact details from the comforts of your home. For this, you need to follow these simple steps:

1. Head on to Tata Capital’s website or download the Tata Capital app

2. Access your account by logging through your registered phone number or email address

3. Head to the ‘Profile Details’ section

4. Look for the option to update your phone number, email ID, communication address, and more details

5. Click on the information you want to update and enter the new details

The Bottom Line

Maintaining updated contact records with your financial institution should not just be treated as a recommendation; it is your responsibility and a key piece in properly managing your finances. Not only do updated contact details enhance your financial security, but they also facilitate seamless communication and improve your experience while opting for any digital services.

At Tata Capital, we prioritise your time and customer experience above anything else. This is why our offline and online channels have been designed to offer a swift and streamlined update process. For further assistance on this matter, be sure to contact us.

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