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Tata Capital > Blog > Loan for Home > Will Green Housing be the Future of Real Estate in India?

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Will Green Housing be the Future of Real Estate in India?

Will Green Housing be the Future of Real Estate in India?

It can be said without an iota of doubt that sustainable housing will be the future of real estate in India as there is already a global need for environmentally friendly buildings that reduce carbon footprint and preserve the planet. These green buildings in India have a lot of merits.

Proficient use of resources

A green building reduces the amount of carbon footprint, which in turn benefits the environment. Also, these buildings are planned by skilful architects who design them to utilise natural energy optimally. They emphasise on waste management, conservation, and recycling of water, using biodegradable and safe construction materials.

Moreover, buying sustainable housing is also pocket-friendly as you can easily avail a green real estate home loan from the lender of your choice.

Increment in revenue

Noticing the ongoing trends, you can safely conclude that if you invest in sustainable real estate in India now, you’ll end up with financial gains soon.

Due to the increased preference for green buildings, the demand is higher than the supply. So, whatever money you’ll put into building a sustainable house, it’ll increase in value within a short period.

You can always plan your investment in the new house through a online home loan EMI calculator. Currently, environment-conscious tenants prefer to rent sustainable dwellings due to its host of advantages. Thus, you end up acquiring more revenue from the house and paying off a home loan you borrowed to purchase the house quickly.

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Optimised savings

When you compare the expenditure of a traditional house with a green home, you will notice an increase in savings. This happens as sustainable homes save money by utilising natural energy.

For example, solar energy will be used for electricity requirements, windows and doors will be designed such that there’s optimum use of the daytime sunlight. Moreover, these houses are made from a special kind of bricks that regulate the temperature of your house, thus reducing your energy costs. Because of these small changes, you end up saving a lot in the long run and again.

Increased consumer demand

We can see a mass shift in the perspective of people. Individuals are becoming socially responsible. The public is now more aware of climatic changes and its serious impacts than it was earlier. Consequently, more people will prefer to purchase sustainable homes.

Also, tenants are willing to pay more rent for renting green spaces. Hence, there is an increase in demand for green buildings in the real estate market.

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The bottom line

The green-mindedness of the society, alongside reduced home loan interest rates and government measures and policies, are contributing towards a greener future.

Are you looking for housing finance to purchase a sustainable home? Tata Capital provides house loans at low-interest rates, with flexible repayment tenures and minimal paperwork. You can also log on to our website to check our home loan eligibility criteria before applying.

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