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Tata Capital > Blog > Loan for Home > What are the Core Facilities in a Smart City?

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What are the Core Facilities in a Smart City?

What are the Core Facilities in a Smart City?

A smart or digital city today packs the promise of delivering an improved quality of life. How? By ushering in innovative solutions to the age-old problems of traffic congestion, poor infrastructure, ineffective drainage and sewage systems, and whatnot. Naturally, prospective home buyers are not thinking twice before opting for a home loan to invest in a property here.

Let’s see what is driving this immense popularity of these cities and what exactly makes a city “smart”. Here are their core facilities.

Infrastructure elements

One of the first things that categorise a city as “smart” is its infrastructural elements, such as the following.

  • Assured electricity supply
  • Efficient public transport and urban mobility
  • E-governance and citizens’ participation
  • Security and safety of all citizens, especially children, women, and the elderly
  • Sustainable environment
  • Adequate water supply
  • Proper sanitation facilities, including solid-waste and sewage management
  • Affordable housing for everyone
  • Efficient digitalisation and IT connectivity

Various transport options

Diverse transport options top the list of smart cities benefits. Such cities promote last mile para-transport connectivity, efficient public transport, and transit-oriented development or TOD.

TOD is quickly becoming a part of smartly developed cities worldwide. It includes compact, pedestrian-oriented, walkable communities centred around advanced train systems.

These integrated urban spaces reduce the dependence on driving and allow citizens to reside and work in the same area. This, in turn, increases access to citywide services, makes travel between suburban and urban regions seamless, and reduces the city’s carbon footprint.

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Open spaces

Vast open spaces are one of the most significant smart cities facilities. The city preserves and develops open areas such as playgrounds, parks, recreational spaces, etc., to enhance the quality of life for the citizens. This also reduces urban heat effects and promotes an overall eco-balance.

Citizen-friendly governance

Smart cities also follow citizen-friendly governance. They rely on online services, such as digital payment systems, and other e-governance initiatives, for ensuring transparency between the government and the people. These cities also focus on using technology to reduce service costs and provide essentials without travelling anywhere.

Smart solutions

What is a smart city without more imaginative solutions than regular cities? A smart city applies sustainable and modern solutions to services and infrastructure on roads, buildings, or open spaces.

For instance, these cities use LEDs as sustainable street lighting to light up the neighbourhoods or employ predictive analytics technology to pre-emptively detect potholes, cracks in bridges, roads, buildings, etc. Then, smart sensors notify the concerned department that these areas require fixing before any infrastructure failure occurs.

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In conclusion

If you are thinking about moving into such a developed city, turn this dream into a reality with Tata Capital’s tailored home loan. There is no doubt that living in a smart metropolis is exciting. You can enjoy a better quality of life with more efficient transport, improved housing amenities, 24x7 assured electricity, internet connectivity, and more.

Receive home loan eligibility, flexible repayment options, and hassle-free processing. We also provide attractive home loan interest rates starting at just 6.90%. So, wait no more! Apply for your loan today.

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