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Tata Capital > Blog > Loan for Home > Watch Your Child Grow As You Work From Home with Tata Capital Home Loans

Loan for Home

Watch Your Child Grow As You Work From Home with Tata Capital Home Loans

Watch Your Child Grow As You Work From Home with Tata Capital Home Loans

Does finally “sitting down” to work looks more like trying to give a presentation with your kid climbing all over you? Are your kids also finding space on your tabletop as you juggle Zoom calls all day? Or are you scheduling phone calls from your bathroom with your children knocking on the door?

If this is your situation while working remotely, you aren’t the only one.

Working from home was a dream come true for many parents as you could give up hours of commute in exchange for a cosy, flexible working environment and much-needed time with kids. However, the reality was much more challenging.

Working at home with growing children can be a minefield filled with video calls and presentations on one end and your child wailing for attention on the other.  Apart from dampening productivity, it can also affect your child’s development.

In worst cases, the situation could turn out something like this. Of course, you don’t want your kid to learn video call ethics before they learn to call “Mumma” or “Dada,” right?

Jokes aside, many parents have struggled to balance productivity and parenting, especially those working from small homes. With no room to work in and your kid following you everywhere, working can get downright impossible. Also, the constant negligence from your side can negatively impact your kid.

However, having a bigger home can solve all your present and future problems. How? Let’s find out.

Bigger space, fewer problems

With a large enough house, you’d no longer have to make your couch or bed your makeshift cubicle. You could have a dedicated workspace for both you and your partner. Also, you could have a separate room for your kids or build a kid’s playroom filled with toys and trinkets.

Moreover, having a separate, kid-proof play area is much safer, minimising the likelihood of injuries.

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Better Living Conditions

Many scientific studies have confirmed that kids benefit from interacting with nature and participating in outdoor activities. Regular exposure to daylight boosts concentration and mood, facilitate the formation of new synapses, and enhance kids’ learning ability.

Cramped rooms and narrow corridors don’t allow the circulation of fresh air and daylight. But with a large enough home, you can provide a cosy and positive environment for your child to grow in.


As much as you’d like your child to remain the innocent toddler they are, they’ll inevitably grow up. And when they do, they’ll require more space – for privacy, studying, or bringing friends home. So, instead of changing houses every few years, you can invest once in a bigger house early on, catering to your child’s growing needs and wants.

With a spacious home, your child’s freedom won’t come at the cost of lesser usable space.

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Over to you

With all that said, buying a bigger house is a substantial financial commitment that requires you to take a loan nine times out of ten. Well, there’s good news! Tata Capital offers tailored home financing solutions at competitive terms to help you step into a bigger space that accommodates all your needs and reflects comfort.

Get attractive home loan interest rates starting at just 6.90%. You can repay the loan at your convenience with flexible loan tenures of up to 30 years. What’s more, we only charge a nominal one-time processing fee of Rs. 999 and ensure that you have a comfortable borrowing experience.

Forget the hassle of waiting in queues and carrying hefty paperwork; enjoy a seamless digital application process and instant approval with us.

Apply for a home loan online and unlock the door to your new home today.

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