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Tata Capital > Blog > Loan for Home > Top Trends in New Construction Home 2021

Loan for Home

Top Trends in New Construction Home 2021

Top Trends in New Construction Home 2021

The coronavirus pandemic had a considerable impact on the home construction sector with social distancing, cash flow interruptions, supply chain disruptions and business closures. These factors have contributed to altering the workings of the industry and compelled the builders to adopt techniques for smarter, safer and more sustainable homes.

Modern homes have become so much more affluent thanks to developments in building methods. Every year we witness new home construction trends arrive to make the lives of residents a bit more comfortable. Moreover, construction technologies have advanced by leaps and bounds, making way for efficient building techniques.

Have a look at the new home construction trends 2021 driving this industry into a new decade.

A shift towards eco-friendliness

Industries, as well as people, are becoming increasingly mindful towards the environment. This reflects in an inclination towards bio-design, which utilises natural materials for constructing houses. Usage of recyclable materials like wood, gypsum, concrete and metals not only lowers the stress on nature but also reduces the overall material costs.

Green home construction techniques have become very popular among homeowners as they are also renovating their old homes, keeping sustainability as a target. You can also renovate your current house according to green building trends using a home loan if you are short on funds.

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Technology takes centre stage

Technology has penetrated arguably every industry imaginable. Home construction is no exception. Augmented Reality (AR) proves to be highly useful in creating a 3D visual model merged with reality for your home project. Furthermore, drones help survey the ongoing project remotely from aerial angles.

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is gaining traction as a 3D model-based process that is insightful for the construction, engineering and architecture professionals. 3D printing is also going mainstream, as it is already being used in creating buildings. With home loan interest rates getting transparent, it is wise to opt for a loan as these technologically intensive home construction techniques demand a high budget.

Energy efficiency

Energy-efficient home designs are trending as they have long-term benefits for home-owners. Installation of solar panels can make your house independent from external supplies for electricity. Also, energy-efficient glasses and building materials minimise the heat transfer between indoors and outdoors. This helps keep the home maintain suitable temperatures in both – winter and summer, thereby decreasing the load on air conditioners and heaters.

High-quality windows are in-demand as they allow more natural light to enter and cut dependence on artificial lighting. These beneficial energy saver materials can drill a hole in your pocket, though. But, you need not exhaust your savings as you can check your home loan eligibility calculator online and apply for the same for some extra assistance.

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