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Tata Capital > Blog > Loan for Home > Top Things to Know about Home Extension Loan from Tata Capital

Loan for Home

Top Things to Know about Home Extension Loan from Tata Capital

Top Things to Know about Home Extension Loan from Tata Capital

We all aspire to own a big and spacious house but we often settle down with the one that fits into our budget. The need for a bigger house is realised when you start expanding your family or when your children start to grow up. You might also require a bigger house to accommodate when guests come over or if you want an additional room as your gym or office. This is when you might decide to purchase a bigger house with the help of a home loan. 

Even though you can get a home loan at attractive home loan interest rates, it is a huge financial commitment that involves a large sum of money that you will also have to repay. Sometimes, your financial condition may not permit you to go for a home loan. In such a situation, you can opt to extend your current house to increase living space. Extension of a home also needs adequate funding, though lesser than the capital needed to buy a new home. To help you accomplish your home extension plans easily, you can opt for a home extension loan.

What is a home extension loan?

If you wish to make any structural changes to your house, whether it is to build another room or add a balcony, opting for a home extension loan is the best choice. Home extension loans are seen as a housing solution that provides you funds to meet the extension cost. 

Why choose Tata Capital's home extension loan?

When on the lookout to get a home extension loan, look no further than Tata Capital. Tata Capital’s home extension loan caters to all your house needs and is perfect to create more space for your loved ones. 

Given below are some reasons why Tata Capital is your best choice.


We, at Tata Capital, know that home extension projects can be quite expensive. From paying the builders, contractors, etc. to the cost of raw materials, a lot of money goes into these projects. This is why we provide home extension loans at attractive and affordable interest rates. Along with this, we provide Flexi EMI repayment options, so that you don’t have to think twice before financing the spacious house that you deserve. 

Simple and convenient

We offer home extension loans to meet your needs without bothering you with too many formalities other than the basic requirements which are prescribed by law.

Minimal documentation

We only require minimal documentation to process your loan application such as the source of your income and the purpose of the loan.

Tailor-made loans

When it comes to extending loans we take a more personalised approach because we understand one loan solution cannot fit all.

Reputable and reliable

We have been in this industry for a long time which is why we have the experience that is required to serve you. We understand your needs and always strive to tailor our services to offer you the best.

Apart from home extension loans, we also provide easy home loans. With us, you can also check your home loan eligibility and monthly payments with our home loan EMI calculator. Our home loan calculator is the perfect handy tool to help you sort out your finances. 

So, visit our website today to learn more about our home extension loans and home loans so that you can decide which type of loan is more beneficial for your home needs. 

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