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Tata Capital > Blog > Loan for Home > Top 5 Futuristic Bungalow Ideas You Need to Look out for in 2021

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Top 5 Futuristic Bungalow Ideas You Need to Look out for in 2021

Top 5 Futuristic Bungalow Ideas You Need to Look out for in 2021

In 2021, architecture is evolving to embrace futuristic designs. From modern traditionalism to sleek minimalism, you can choose from plenty of styles to design your bungalow. What gives a space a distinctly futuristic appeal? How you can design your bungalow in a stunningly modern fashion? Read this article for trending ideas on futuristic bungalow styles.

1. Smart incorporation of mirrors

Top on our list of bungalow ideas 2021 is the clever use of mirrors to give the space an enlarged appearance. Thinking of full-length mirror placements in your bedroom’s corners? Well, futuristic bungalows sport mirrors on the ceilings, sometimes even on the floor! Besides opening up the space and conserving energy, glittery mirrors eliminate the need for ornate décor pieces.

2. Heavy use of green elements

As green and sustainable architecture becomes mainstream, futuristic bungalows are expected to be green powerhouses. Such homes will feature water-saving plumbing fixtures, strategically-placed windows for maximising natural light, energy-efficient lighting fixtures, recycled materials and renewable energy sources, and more.

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3. Exploration of the beauty of straightforward geometry

Gone are the days when only large, horizontal windows were considered to be the all-in-all for ample lighting. A futuristic trademark is the use of a series of geometric windows placed throughout the façade that call attention to the beauty of simplicity. The smooth interior and exterior walls have become canvases on which architects are experimenting with new designs.

4. Use of overhead shading systems

Another clever futuristic bungalow idea is the use of ceiling screens. These commonly used screens offer protection against excessive sunlight and rain. Now, they’re becoming a choice favourite even from the view of aesthetics. The changing shadows created by the passing sun make for some extraordinary display of light and patterns.

5. Shift from window shutters to retractable panels

Window shutters were a nostalgic décor idea, and they served their purpose well. But, futuristic bungalows integrate function with form – welcome the retractable panels. Not only do these new-fangled systems offer a cutting-edge look, but they can also easily open up or close any space depending upon the need and weather.

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Over to you

Up until now, architecture relied heavily on some strict boundaries in terms of space usage, colours, patterns, and more. But these lines seem to blur in the future. If you choose to build a futuristic bungalow, the possibilities you have are endless.

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