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Tata Capital > Blog > Loan for Home > Ten Things to Keep in Mind While Renovating Your Home

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Ten Things to Keep in Mind While Renovating Your Home

Ten Things to Keep in Mind While Renovating Your Home

When would you like to renovate your home? Some people do it during festivities, some take up home renovation if there is a wedding, there are some who do it because it has become absolutely necessary and then there are those who are the thinkers. Now, which category do you fall in?

Are you one among those people who keep thinking about renovating your house but just keeps finding reasons to put it off? You just seem to be at your creative best when you are looking for excuses to procrastinate your home renovation project. One of the main reasons for doing so is usually lack of funds.

However, renovating your home might one day seem inevitable to you when your house gets too small for your expanding family or when it starts to compromise on your comfort and quality of life. Instead of putting it off due to lack of money, why not avail a home loan? Financial institutions like Tata Capital offer lucrative home loan for renovation at affordable home loan rates so that you have enough money to carry out the renovations that you would want.

Once your finances are covered, it is true that renovating your house does will take you through an adventurous path with one too many pitfalls on the way. So, it is important to know a few things to be kept in your mind while renovating or extending your home.

1. Begin by Deciding on the Extent of Renovation

Are you trying to get some extra space in your living room through a little remodelling? Or do you want to add a few extra rooms in your house through a home extension? Or are you looking to just repaint your house and maybe get a new flooring? Before you proceed with the renovation project, you should be very clear about the enhancements you want to have in your renovated home.

2. Be Realistic in your Aspirations

Dreams are where a good home renovation project begins but do make sure that they remain realistic. The plans you have in your mind should be compared with your budget, time, resources in hand and the condition of your existing home. While budgeting your house renovation, you can keep in mind that we are living in an era of affordable home loan rates and easily available housing loans.

3. Do your Homework and Research

It doesn’t hurt to gather as much information as you can about home renovations and remodelling works. You can explore articles and videos on the same available on the internet and also talk to real estate experts, interior designers and architects in your acquaintance circle. Also, it shouldn’t be hard to find someone among your friends who went through a home renovation process quite recently. Talking to them would give you a clearer understanding regarding what you have got to do.

4. Hire Designers or Architects

If you feel like you can’t do it yourself, it is sensible to hire an interior designer and an architect to design the changes you are looking for. Please ensure that you do a decent research on the reputation and work experience of the designers you have shortlisted. From all the options you might have, go ahead and select the one that seems most reliable.

5. Get Legal Permissions

Renovations and alterations to buildings cannot be done without getting the approval and permission of the concerned authorities. The rules might differ a bit based on the specific local authority that governs your area, but more often than not, you might need legal sanctions to do any kind of building alterations and home remodelling. Documented approval should be received from the local governing body in your area and the Building Regulation Authority.

6. Find the best Contractor and get Estimates

Zeroing in on the right contractor is one of the most vital steps in your home renovation venture. It is always reliable to go for a contractor who has an impeccable word-of-mouth publicity. It is also a great idea to get referrals from his past clients and to visit a few homes remodelled by the contracting firm. Different contractors can also be chosen for different aspects of the renovation work like extensions, painting, flooring and maintenance repairs.

7. Disbursing the Required Funds in the right manner

Once the estimates are ready, you would get a rough idea of the overall budget of the renovation project. Since you have availed for a housing loan, you should find a way to use those funds in the most effective manner. Most banks and financial institutions like Tata Capital provides specific housing loans for renovations and home extension works. Home loans are also offered for remodelling, painting, flooring and repair works. Please ensure that the low home loan rates do not tempt you to borrow more money than you can comfortably repay.

8. Mind the Future

It goes without saying that home renovation is not something that can be done on a recurrent basis. Remodelling works on your house should be done with an eye on the future. There should be no compromises when it comes to the quality of the finish. Durability is always a better investment than saving a little money now by going for sub-standard materials and flimsy accessories.

9. The timing of the Renovation

The unpredictability of Indian climate does make it very important to time the renovation work precisely. Bad weather conditions can delay the work significantly and even affect the quality of the final product.

10. Check the Progress on a Frequent Basis

Do not leave all the responsibility to your contractor! Unless you have assigned someone to supervise the work, make sure that you visit the site regularly and get updates on the progress of the work.


Renovating your home would be a rewarding experience for you if you keep all these pointers in mind. Get all those lame excuses out of your head and get going with your home renovation venture. Remember that the longer you put it off, the lesser time you would get to live in your newly remodelled home!